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world editor issues

  1. iqLJesus

    Cannot Open World Editor

    I was makin map on 1.26 World Editor, I just wanted to check what's going on the Reforged's World Editor and I opened it. After that the problem begins. After I opened the Reforged one I cannot open the old World editor. How I can fix it?
  2. metabaronDK

    Some Custom Units cant use Sound sets as their voice lines in HD. NEED FIX or HELP

    Hey guys, I'm trying to create a map with a lot of triggers, custom skins, models, spells and more but i have a problem. Some custom models, will make my units stop talking, unless I use Unit Sound sets which are from non talking units, like the Doom Guard, Skeleton Warrior or Faceless ones...
  3. OutsideFury-15

    World Editor - Loss of Imported Files

    Hi there, so to summarize, I've been working on a custom campaign with lots of optimized and custom models, icons, etc. I've come to realize that about 1/4 of the imported models have dissapeared. WE states the total size of imported models is aprox. 20 MB, however after saving all changes the...
  4. Koko Kwikwak


    before i start i want to say that i'm a spanish and my english is not good, so please be patient with me. i have this problem with my custom model whenever i'm using it in my custom map, it crashes my world editor if not it appears to be invisible when it works. i have uploaded the file, please...
  5. realnicolbolas

    How to create a specific corpse summon based spell

    Hello, i need help with figuring out how to create a specific spell in the world editor. This spell is an ultimate for a Hero/Champion i'm currently working on that would basically function as Summons a set amount of units, and then summons additional units from each corpse nearby Iv'e tried...
  6. ZeroGravity

    [Trigger] My units cannot move and map crashes during the game

    I have been updating my map quite a few versions already, but this happened out of nowhere. At first it was all working nicely until I hosted online on ent. Everyone desynced and crashes. When that happened, I decided to play the map on single player, but it seemed all units cannot move, and...

    [Solved] Can't link "Unit - Issues" Actions

    Hi ! I want specific peasants to harvest lumber from specific trees after they repair some farms. I know how to create the "Unit - Issue Order Targeting A Unit" and "Unit - Issue Targeting A Destructible" Actions but whether I try "Wait For Condition" or "If-Then-Else" Actions I can't seem to...