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world editor help

  1. TheHieroPhantom

    Item Table Import and Export

    I need help, I am creating a series of Melee maps for... reasons, and I need to export item tables from map to map (creating the same item tables manually for each map, every time I make a new one, takes too long, and it's quite tedious). Is there any way within the editor's export functions to...
  2. Tryndamere

    [General] The map I made how it looks like this in the game?

    Can anyone help the location of this problem? I made a campaign, in the first chapter it wasn't like this it looks normal and can be played, but after moving to the 2nd chapter how come the cinematic and after the cinematic ends and entering the game it looks dark everything like this picture...
  3. PerPlumeShake

    [Solved] Hostile behavior

    Is it possible to make a hostile fight each other if they are not the same type of unit? For example: Hostile Wildkin vs Hostile Spider Hostile Trolls vs Hostile Wildkin Hostile Spider vs Hostile Trolls
  4. Henry_AC

    [Solved] Screen issue with WE, screen, dark interface? black?

    Hello everyone, any solution? They gave me a laptop and I installed Warcraft 1.30 on it, I wanted to use WE but the screen comes out like this, no matter how much I zoom in or out, the funny thing is that you can put units or decorations because I hear that typical sound when I put or remove...
  5. waterlong

    [Spell] Need help with targeting

    Trying to make a mage knight who can restore mana to everyone except other mage knights. I've tried a couple different "targeted as" and "targets allowed" combinations but cant find a combination that works.
  6. PerPlumeShake

    Changing/adding model lighting depending on game timeline

    Hello again everyone there are 4 four types of lighting of game timeline, right? dawn, noon, dusk, and midnight. can i ask how to change/add the model lighting depending on the game timeline? Thanks in advance :thumbs_up:
  7. metabaronDK

    Some Custom Units cant use Sound sets as their voice lines in HD. NEED FIX or HELP

    Hey guys, I'm trying to create a map with a lot of triggers, custom skins, models, spells and more but i have a problem. Some custom models, will make my units stop talking, unless I use Unit Sound sets which are from non talking units, like the Doom Guard, Skeleton Warrior or Faceless ones...
  8. Jadlz

    Can your trigger (if conditions) be too long?

    Hi, as the title implies, can you have a trigger that has too many functions, in particular if conditions? I'm aware of the 1ghz limitation of memory usage, but I'm pretty sure that that applies to simultaneous actions or functions being called. But for this specific type of trigger I had to...
  9. FSK

    How to add hero abilities to spellbook?

    Looks like it can only use item and unit abilities, is that correct? I can't start with item or unit abilities then convert in game with triggers for various reasons. Thanks
  10. Wayzz

    Is it not possible to use the new animations (ie walking, kneeling etc) from reforged in the WE?

    After playing through the campaign, I noticed there are obviously several new animations. But I cant seem to find them anywhere. I opened up the map in the WE and I notcied that the value for the animation was written like 'Kneeling '' etc. but I cant find any animation like that and cant find a...