1. Blahblah_Blagar

    Using Meele AI in a campaign level?

    I've had this idea for a level in my campaign in which you would start off with a complete base and a nice set of units and would have to survive for a set amount of time, facing a few meele enemy players (thus you would have to use skirmish hit and run tactics, hero spells created with...
  2. Mashira

    Working in video game industry & experience with modding

    Hello, Dear Hive Lords... I'm new on this forum but have been reading threads here for quite a while. So, recently I've been thinking and learning about various resources and books on game design, level design, and other jobs in the video game industry in general. Playing around with W3's...
  3. posthumousturbo

    [General] Which passive attack modifiers works with missile (splash)?

    Which passive attack modifiers works with missile (splash) attack? Please write me all abilities which works with missile (splash). Which type of passive ability will be good for infernal machine?
  4. Cheshire

    [General] to not hear -"your building is complete"

    Hey, how can I disable the "building complete" notification for 1 type of builder/building (but not for the map in general)? I assume this is really simple but I couldn't find the handle.. thanks!
  5. Preparation for work

    Preparation for work

  6. deepstrasz

    Fixing Old Campaigns

    Hivers, if anyone has the time to make these maps I'm linking work, please do so. It's a shame not have them be played and to leave them working improperly as long as they are uploaded in the Maps section. These ones have issues with level transitioning not working: Norj'Hal Elves Campaign v40...
  7. Veronnis

    Transfuse (Spell Effect) (Simple Animation)

    Hello! Thanks for reading this if you're taking the time. I'm looking to have a spell effect created that is like the following! (Base Particle: Bloodlust, buff) When cast on a target unit: 7-20 (You pick) red glows (Preferrably staggered/not the same distance) appear around the target...
  8. xDeathKnightx

    [Cinematic] The Fall of the Nine - WIP

    So, I've been away for ages and decided to begin another cinematic, just thought i'd share a couple of images of the first few scenes: Still very, very early in works, will be a long time yet but I will keep thread updated every now and then.