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  1. bruunk

    [Trigger] Integer/Real Variable Size Issues

    I'm faced with an issue I didn't think possible, so I'm not sure why exactly it's occurring but this is what I have so far. My issue is involving a respawn system, where a unit dies, wait X seconds, you get the idea. However, I noticed that when I tested the respawn it worked, but when I tried...
  2. Ricola3D

    Old map : why are some multi-level auras triggered ?

    Hello, I restarted developments from an old map (namely X Hero Siege 3.33). I noticed something strange in this map. The following auras: - Aura of Blight - Command aura - Life Regeneration Aura - War Drums Aura That are all coded the a strange way, always the same : - A "dummy" hero ability...
  3. Yours Truly

    What's exactly the point of 0-repping someone other than to send a quick message?

    I find it quite funny that someone would actually willingly give a box full of emptiness, either for fun/troll or something else.
  4. HerrDave

    [General] Torch light disappearing

    Can someone explain to me why when I have a custom model (no mesh, just omni light) in my map, all other light sources stop working? Custom torch models and regular ones no longer produce light, and this is rather annoying as that was the entire point of having them there.