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warcraft iii viewer

  1. Ungoliath

    [SOLVED] Texture works in Warcraft 3 Viewer, but is completely stretched in the World Editor and Model Editor

    Hello! I'm currently having some issues with some ported models from WoW. Like the title says, they look fine in WC3 Viewer, but not when I import them into the WC3 Editor (or the Model Editor). The problem ranges from missing branches to parts of the model's texture turning stretchy and...
  2. Levi Ackerman

    Model Changes in Wc3ModelEditor And in Game.

    Hi,I'm using MilkShape 3D with plugins to convert obj to mdx.The model is smoothed and exactly as i want it to be.Everything is ok when the model is in MilkShape and its format is obj. As you see in the picture: Even when i open mdx file to Warcraft III Viewer it has no problem and its exactly...