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warcraft editing tools

  1. CheekyChinhilla

    Warcraft I & II Remade WC3

    Hey so i asked the question of "Has anyone remade warcraft 1 and 2 campaign in warcraft 3 map editor?" on blizzards forums, to which i was directed here, I was just curious as to whether or not such a project exists Thanks
  2. Rakhall

    Warcraft 3 Char model importing problem...

    Greetings, everyone, I hoped you can help me with a problem, I just started to mod chars, and I got a problem after the first char was ready... :vw_unimpressed: There is the youtube link what is my problem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqTw40qbWuU If anyone knows why is this happening...
  3. Ellisar Atranimus

    New user trying to do something cool.

    For those who say my original post here, sorry, I misunderstood what thread I was in. Hello! I'm Ellisar Atranimus or Grim Joker depending on how you know me. I'm somewhat new to World Editor, though I've been using it for years I haven't really gotten into the more advanced areas of it. I will...
  4. KommissarReb

    KommissarReb joins The Hive Workshop community!

    Hello everyone. I am an avid player of Warcraft III, who occasionally plays Warcraft II. I have made a few maps for WC3, some of which I think are pretty good. I wanted to share them on the internet for some feedback (i.e. what areas I could improve on) I will submit some maps and I hope...
  5. ardeshir021

    Model Importing Tutorial

    Hi Today i Want To Say You How To Import a Model First Thing is to Find a Model. You Can Find one From This Place: Hive Then You Must Extract The Model To Warcraft Root Directory For Expample G:Warcraft III Then Import The Model When You Have Imported The Model You Must Change The Full...
  6. Rohde

    Does the World Editor for Warcraft III look like the one in Starcraft

    Hi, i'm learning the Warcraft III world editor, and i was thinking, if the Starcraft world editor, and the Warcraft editor look alike? I mean, is it basicly the same, with triggers, doodads, shortcuts, and so on?
  7. BeatMySkill

    WarCraft III World Editor Tutorials Ep.2 - Object editor

    Okay guys, so here is the second episode of the "Warcraft III World Editor Tutorials", hope it helped you and i hope you like it... Yes, there were some letter mistakes, I'm really sorry for that - won't happen again.. -Okay, so I was thinking maybe I should talk on every tutorial, what do...
  8. harrypotter


    Age:9 B-Day:May 25,2001 Gender:Male Location:Manila,Philippines Favorite Youtubers:vash12349 Favorite Hivers:Aeroblyctos
  9. Kiris TCial

    Help with model editing

    Hey I'm Kiris and i was just wondering... can anyone show me how to use War3ModelEditor (I have the program already). Thanks! :thumbs_up: