WarCraft III World Editor Tutorials Ep.2 - Object editor

Level 4
May 10, 2012

Okay guys, so here is the second episode of the "Warcraft III World Editor Tutorials", hope it helped you and i hope you like it...
Yes, there were some letter mistakes, I'm really sorry for that - won't happen again..

-Okay, so I was thinking maybe I should talk on every tutorial, what do you think about that idea? Leave me a comment down so that I could see what do you think about that idea..
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Thanks for watching!
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Tutorial Reviewer
Level 40
Jun 9, 2011
Just a little review here:

difficulty: 4/5 Your text added explains the most but if this is for total newbies you maybe want to add longer text?

Improvement: Add voice insted of text this way you can put out way more info in a within a shorter time and also they can listen and focus on what your actually doing in your videos insted of reading, wich is easier for most people.

also, why waste your time on such simple things? A more advanced stuff will be more usefull for most users. Basicly any user who knows english can learn this on their own within a week.

Also don't try to do a triggering video since you can't learn to trigger in a video if you dont go a 5 hour long video

Good luck with your future videos.
Level 2
Jun 21, 2014
I just wanna know if I can add video to load after or before a map, can I do that and how, is there something special that I must do?