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  1. The Nightmare Book

    [Role Playing Game] Fourberie: Westfall Story

    FOURBERIE: WESTFALL STORY "In drought and troubled Westfall, he will find his true being." OVERVIEW An small-scale adventure RPG about Westfall - a war-razed land, which future will determine future of whole Stormwind. Encount new friends, fight against enemies, gather resources: Westfall is...
  2. malakhim

    Hello! I Need Help, Is There Any Tutorial to Install Mods and Maps From the Site?

    Hello! How's it going? Can you help me? I am new here at Hiveworkshop and new to installing maps or mods in Warcraft 3, I would like to play with custom races and custom campaigns. For example, I discovered that the Ultimate Battle mod exists but I don't know how to install it to make it work...
  3. The Nightmare Book

    [Role Playing Game] The Circle of Life

    THE CIRCLE OF LIFE "As it always done: whose, who camed to destroy land, will feed it's new saplings…" OVERVIEW A brand new singleplayer RPG centered in Felwood - in past known as Northern Ashenvale, now scar left from demonic invasion to Azeroth. Select 1 of 3 different heroes, relive their...
  4. New Sorcerer Model

    New Sorcerer Model

    Working on a new model for Jazreth, the Sorcerer. Since WarCraft lacks black people, I had to edit the Blademaster texture (just like I did in certain monsters)
  5. ZhakNait

    In search of guides not to lose

    Hi everyone, I recently downloaded WC3 again to play custom campaigns (an excellent game that my PC can run) and stumbled upon the fact that I get beaten many times in base building missions. For that reason, I want to request guides (preferably extensive) on how to build a good base and which...
  6. Altruistic Anduin

    [Reforged] "Familiar Places" | An aimless Village custom map project

    I've began to work on this map project not too long ago. The purpose of this map is still unknown, even to me. But we can go towards RPG, or "Hack-and-Slash", if you want a rough guess on what the map can be. It's a custom Village map because I've added other terrain brush from other tilesets...
  7. Retera

    Warcraft III Future - What is our plan?

    The future of Warcraft 3 seems rather uncertain, and often I find people do not agree on what they want for this game. But to be honest, when I look at Patch 1.33 and the extensive amount of work it needs to eliminate all bugs that it would otherwise introduce, I just have a sense of foreboding...
  8. Lordliw

    WESTRING issue

    Today, I opened World Editor and found this weird error. Something westring, literally everything is named westring and then something. I'm in a desperate need of a fix for this, because it's so messed up to the eye, and very disorienting. Here's a picture so you know what I'm talking about.
  9. WC3ScrnShot_042322_011958_001.png


    Here's the Quel'dorei Faction known as the Silvermoon Remnants. I pretty much took the idea of Scrapped Reputation Faction that was going to in Vanilla WoW but was scrapped and thanks to people who made Turtle in terms of playable High Elves. Credit goes to the Creators.
  10. Lordliw

    [SD/Modeling] Clotaire's Lich King model

    Hi, I would like to make a request for Clotaire's famous Lich King model. Although, it was taken down for some reason, I'm unsure whether sharing models that were taken down is allowed. So feel free to let me know. If not, I would appreciate anyone who managed to get it to share it and it's...
  11. Lordliw


    Hello, one year ago I started using JassCraft to make my own AI scripts. But I've encountered a few problems that were easily fixed. During that time I learned (heard) that JassCraft has two types of programming. The easy one and the hard one. Now, I've learned the easy side of JassCraft, but...
  12. Voltron212

    [Solved] Destructible within region not registering after creation

    Hello! I am reasonably new to the map editor, however have been learning quickly on how everything works. I currently have a problem where after a destructible within a region has been removed and a new one created; a trigger - 'Destructible - Destructible within region (Playable map area)...
  13. Baron Sturgen

    Baron Sturgen

    For project #NorthrendRPG More details about the project: https://xgm.guru/p/blog-makkad/northrend-rpg-hero-manual#h3
  14. The Nightmare Book

    [Campaign] Exodus of the Horde TD

    EXODUS OF THE HORDE TD EDITION "You must rally the Horde and lead your people to their destiny!" (c) Medivh OVERVIEW "Original Blizzard campaign, but fully remastered in Kingdom Rush tower defence - select towers from list and build them on presetted position to hold enemy hordes. Main...
  15. Loramus Thalipedes Lair v2

    Loramus Thalipedes Lair v2

    Nearly completed demon hunter lair. Here you can see a corrupted grove with fel-infused fountain in center. But what's business seek demon hunter here?
  16. Xylem Tower?

    Xylem Tower?

    Don't worry - tower player color will be yellow. And yes - here player find infamous archmage Xylem
  17. Whole Map: Finished at 80%

    Whole Map: Finished at 80%

    Finished north map part and started terraining satyr & furbolg mini-zone. Also some mountains remained un-terrained, but I'll resolve that!
  18. Whole Map: South Attacks!

    Whole Map: South Attacks!

    Completed south map corner and slightly changed others… But more ahead!
  19. Southreach Lake

    Southreach Lake

    A small lake, inflowing into Bay of Storms. At least one of most peaceful places in Azshara... Or not?
  20. Future Timblemaw Cave Entarance

    Future Timblemaw Cave Entarance

    Unfinished, but here a furbolg tribe will live.
  21. Loramus Thalipedes Lair

    Loramus Thalipedes Lair

    Currently you see only blank and bad-terrained array, but it'll flourish with paints of fel energies! I think.
  22. BXC2KWorks

    [Campaign] WC3 : RoCEX | The Scouge of Lordaeron - Version 2.0 (The Definitive Update) Beta Test 1

    Okay! It's been a few months since i put out the original version of my first RoCEX campaign, but today i happy to announced the 2.0 version of Human Campaign! This version includes : Fully recreated the entire campaign from scratch Added new units for humans, orcs and undead Improved all of...
  23. BXC2KWorks

    Warcraft 3 : RoCEX - Development in Progress

    As you may know, my latest project #RoCEX or " Reign of Chaos - Expanded & Enhanced " is still on-work today, and yes this will be a big one. The main goal of the series is to combine the assets from both Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne, and other assets from other games such as Starcraft...
  24. LordHatchet95

    Game crashes whenever I try to build anything (AoE2 in WC3 project)

    I've been making an Age of Empires 2 scenario, with resources and all, even upgradeable buildings whenever one advances to the next age, but... whenever I try to build anything at all, the game crashes. There is an attached video with the test run with a villager (peasant) that has nothing but...
  25. LordHatchet95

    [Altered Melee] Bandit Race (Still needs test)

    Hey guys, LordHatchet95 here, and I've finally got a bit more of motivation to make a scenario. This time, around the Bandits. A fully customized Bandit Race able to put traps, hire units instantly (yet they still must replenish), and build an almighty Lair which can garrison up to 10 brigands...
  26. BXC2KWorks

    [Campaign] Enhanced Campaign in Development

    So i working for a complete enhanced RoC campaign for the Warcraft 3 classic, some of the things missing during in develop due to lack of sounds from Reforged. I wish can someone can import all there sounds. (especially in the Orc & NE campaigns) for my BIG enhanced project. (really large, this...
  27. LordHatchet95

    Small showcase of an abandoned RPG project

    Hey everyone, LordHatchet95 here, and I was doing a lot of work on a map. Sadly, its hard to work with no time, and also for other reasons I've stopped working at it... I've been doing a scenario with Ultimate Terraining map 3.0 a long time ago, but due to, well... Blizzard not being Blizzard...
  28. SevLlanto

    "Exodus of the Horde" Background Version

    A couple of months ago I started paying a lot of attention to the TerrainArt of various games and some digital paintings, I think I fell in love. I also found very wonderful new and old works here, works that motivated me to experience this type of art for the first time. I made this adaptation...
  29. Tburn1910

    [Solved] world editor broken??

    aight so here's the problem with my world editor. so i downloaded the warcraft 3 patch 1.29 from one of the patch archives that was provided in this website and for some reason, when i try to open world editor, it gives me these messages. at first im guessing this is just a small error for a...
  30. HerlySQR

    How would Warcraft 3 be saved?

    Everybody knows what happened with Warcraft 3 with Reforged and the comunity is not in its better moment, and thats sad, because the now in Warcraft 3 are more possible things than before, is not like Minecraft that still alive and the people continue to take advantage of the new things it...
  31. The Nightmare Book

    [Campaign] Scourge of Lordaeron: TD Edition

    Scourge of Lordaeron: TD Edition "The warning has been given. Their fate is now their own. - Medivh (c)" OVERVIEW "The original Warcraft 3: Reign Of Chaos Alliance campaign, completely redesigned into a tower defense genre. The inspiration came from Ironhide Studios' acclaimed series of games...
  32. Lordliw

    AI expanding on a different location

    Hello, I am curious as to how I can make my AI make/expand their base at a different gold mine, just like in blizzard maps, the AI kills the creeps guarding the mine or another player using the mine, then they go and build a small (outpost?) base there. Thanks in forward to those that anwer. :grin:
  33. Thrall HD Concept V4 WIP

    Thrall HD Concept V4 WIP

    Ello again! Worked a bit more on him, gauntlets, started with a bit of tribal decor(teeth) and basic colouring done again. It would be great if you tell me what do You think of it!
  34. Thrall Concept v3

    Thrall Concept v3

    I went back to continue work on Thrall again. New face, armour redone partially. Tell me what do You think!
  35. Lordliw

    JASS AI Attacking Enemy Base

    Hello. I wonder if I can make my AI attack every building. When I put SuicideOnEnemyEx(), they aim to destroy the town hall and once it's destroyed they stop and don't attack any further. Is there a way I can change it so they aim for the whole base and not just the town hall? Thanks in fowards...
  36. Thrall Concept Sketch

    Thrall Concept Sketch

    Concept Sketch of Thrall's or mostly his armour to create a definitive look for him that merges the best from various designs while trying to stick Somewhat Close to Wc3 overall shapes and design of it(mostly the shoulder pads being wider and tapered)
  37. Lordliw

    JASS AI Base Scripting

    Hello, I'm wondering how I can make the AI destroy all enemy buildings. Because when I put SuicideOnPlayerEx it just gets their town hall and then they stop. Thanks in forward to those that answer.
  38. Lordliw

    Peasant Icon in the bottom left corner

    Hello. You guys know when there are available workers not working? And then their icons show in the bottom left corner? Well I wanna know how I can change it to a different icon. Thanks in forwards to those that answer. :grin:
  39. Lordliw

    [Spell] Explosion Spell

    Hello, I'm wondering how I can create a passive spell that when a unit (in this case abomination) dies, they explode and deal damage to enemy units. I saw some triggers for when a specific unit dies they do the kaboom spell, but this is not the case. I want it to be a custom spell and every...
  40. Lordliw

    Changing score screen player icon

    Hello, I need help with my map. I'm curious how I can change a player's icon at the score screen when the game ends. I have browsed the internet and found nothing. Thanks in forward to those that reply. :)
  41. SC2HayasuiArts

    [Campaign] Tales of Arynetia

    TALES OF ARYNETIA The Tales of Arynetia is a Wanderers of Sorceria-like campaign features the core 120 missions and 18 interludes including the 6 of prologue and epilogue that features our 12 races including the valorous Republic of Arynetia, the peaceful Elves of Elysium, the bloodthirsty...
  42. Lordliw

    Need help with JASS AI - Workers not harvesting lumber

    Hello, I am basically new to JASS scripting. I have recently made a very standard AI, and everything seems to be going great so far! But the problem with my AI is that when the workers are trained they harvest gold, not lumber as I want them to (not the starting workers, the newly trained ones)...
  43. Warcraft 3 Reforged - Custom models (Part 2)

    Warcraft 3 Reforged - Custom models (Part 2)

    Hi all! My second video with my custom reforged models. I will be glad if you help to me with likes:)
  44. LordHatchet95

    [IDEA] Custom Warcraft cooperative maps featuring "Commanders"

    I've been thinking of something quite similar to Starcraft 2 Coop commanders feature, but made in warcraft 3: CLANS/RACES Customized races and clans (parentheses: the leader): Human: -Kul Tiras (Admiral Proudmoore) -Lordaeron Survivors (Jaina Proudmoore) -Azeroth (Anduin) -Sin'dorei (Kael...
  45. FlameofChange

    [Strategy / Risk] War of the Worlds

    War of the Worlds The game focuses on developing a world, invading others while defending from other. Survival of the fittest ! Large battles ! Micro and Macro intensive ! Starcraft players might get interested in this, but why not inviting some other guest RTS games to make a rich RTS ...
  46. LordHatchet95

    [General] Units/SFX disappearing, Sound issues [FIXED], and the Haunted gold mine problem

    Hello everyone. LordHatchet95 here, after a loooooooooong time of hiatus... Well, to the point: I've been working on a starcraft volcanic map, with high tides and low tides of lava... Both the triggers and the models are ready. The issue is the following: I ended up using "units" with...
  47. Daily Warcraft Reforged

    Re-Reforged - My comparison series

    Throm'ka, warriors! Well met. It's been a pleasure and an honor to host the Re-Reforged CC on my channel and show just how epic this project really is. Re-Reforged takes you back into a familiar place but there's always something fresh about it, it almost invokes that feeling of playing the...
  48. Daily Warcraft Reforged

    Throm'ka Warriors! Daily Warcraft Reforged

    Greetings! I'm a freelance digital artist/game artist. I run Daily Warcraft Reforged on YouTube, and some other channels. Playing Warcraft 3 since 2002. Been on Hive before, way back in 2006-9 if I remember correctly, but I don't have access to my old accounts, and have been inactive for over...
  49. HerlySQR

    Warcraft 3 Reforged is dead?

    Since after a year Blizzard did almost nothing to Reforged and even silent the comments that mention it in the Blizzcon so I think is oficially dead like other games and that is so sad, what do you think
  50. ComeWithMe

    Warcraft 1.27b + Dota 6.83d AntiCheat Detector

    Greetings to all. Perhaps I created a topic in the wrong section, if anything, I apologize. I am looking for someone who could do some work in JASS language (paid). Warcraft 3 is a very old game and many people know that there is a separate Dota Allstars map (from IceFrog), the latest version...