1. Darkshadow95

    You decide what I create

    Hey guys, I want to make a new map the next year additionally to my other maps Im working on (see my profile). I have several ideas and Im not sure which one to choose, so I let you guys decide what you want most. -Zombie protection map where the gameplay is similar to "protect the house" but...
  2. CodeBlack

    [Trigger] Voting system bugged

    Hey Guys, I believe i already asked for help to this before, but it seems the Soultion people came up with doesnt work here i am again xD The system should take in the Votes of every active player, setup the Game and then start the Timer. For some reason it doesnt work properly...
  3. CodeBlack

    [Trigger] Setup Voting System Bug

    Hey Guys! I am using a simple Voting System for some of my current Projects and i stumbled across a Problem. When multiple players vote at the same time, some of them dont see all options or get kicked out of the dialog entirely. They cant Vote for every option and thus the Game doesnt start...
  4. hypsandar

    [General] Song vote system?

    I was wondering how to setup a voting system upon what song should be played. For example, a player can call a vote to play a new song or set the first song by typing "-song". However there would be a limit, you cant call a vote if one was already called for in the past 800 seconds. The song...
  5. Mr.Goblin

    Concept Art Contest #9 - Poll

    Image is courtesy of Clint Langley. Overwhelming Odds Contestants are to create a group of people or a single character faced with insurmountable odds or overwhelming numbers of enemies. For example, a knight vs a demon, a squad of marines vs a swarm. Despite their/his oncoming death...