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  1. Ledolomac

    Medivh voice

    Hello there dear warcrafters! This is Medivhs voice from the Heroes of the storm. I just adjusted the sound for the Warcraft 3. Have fun! I make this voice for my skin .
  2. IvoryHellflames

    [General] Custom non-hd model no voices in HD mode

    Hello again. I prefer the HD models and playing in hd but, many amazing models are still the good old non-hd (sd?) and several great model editors seem to prefer just working with the old version(s) and I do want to use them too, but in hd mode these models sadly lose their voice. I tried to...
  3. Dispatcher

    How To Change Unit Sound Set

    I want to replace a unit's sound to a new one that i just dowloaded on youtube and other's in hive can someone tell me how to replace them as in the ready voicelines attack voicelines and qoutes voicelines or when you keep clicking on the unit and says random words.
  4. Bloodwest

    No voice on custom character (with custom model)

    Hello, everyone! I require advice from those worldeditor masters, who actually made functional custom characters with custom voice-over in Reforged WE environment. I've done this successfully before in pre-reforged classic, created King Leonidas (from 300) custom hero with custom voice-over but...
  5. W

    Share: What is your favourite sound and voice?

    What is your fav. sound and voice? (voice acting) I found there is a thread, What's your favourite type of spell, model, and voice? but this thread will just be the favourites of your sound's and voice's choices, of course. Mine:
  6. cleavinghammer

    How do I add new types of unit vocal responses?

    I'm replacing a hero unit (Uther)'s voicelines with lines from a different game. However, the Uther soundset lacks a line for when he's just been trained (as with all RoC heroes). How do I add a "Ready" line to the soundset to get the game to play a "Ready" line on character creation? I guess...
  7. Eregos

    [Resource Release] Archimonde Unit Sound Set v1.0

    My Archimonde voices for the in-game Warcraft III unit are based only on his Warcraft 3 voice lines. Zenonoth already made a set based on his WoW lines, but many players expressed a preference for his more subdued Warcraft III style, a preference I share. I know there have been other attempts...
  8. FeruEnzeruJKun

    Guess what SC2 character or VA who does the best voice fitting for stuff (DO NOT DELETE/REMOVE)

    Vote who this is first, reply here and then i'll answer you. EDIT: Since nobody voted and replied... it is Alexei Stukov (Victor Brandt) i believe (Very fitting voice for Vampire and Undead Russian characters i suppose).
  9. hypsandar

    Can i publish a non-English map?

    I made this amazing multiplayer campaign, with voice acting, etc. Its a small 1 map campaign, based on humor. The map's main characters speak both English & Serbian, all other side characters speak English. Thus they are in a land with a foreign language, in this case English. The main 2...
  10. Elf_Lord

    So I'm a Voice Actor...

    Okay, before we begin, I will note that I am not a professional. I've been dabbling in voice acting since first or second grade and I'm an active stage actor with several accents and the like at my disposal, but I am by no means professional-grade and I will proudly say that I have made exactly...