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  1. inactive forever


  2. Locrito

    Can someone tell me what did I do wrong with this model?

    This model consists of a CageKart with 10 captured villagers inside. Everything it has to do, is walk (and maybe die, but it's not important), but it doesn't even to that correctly. It was two errors. 1. When imported to the game, some of the textures inside of the villagers that should be...
  3. Mathayis

    (Model request) Npc's

    Hey there! I seem to be having a bit of a difficult time finding unique looking npc/ villager models....In the game i'm working on I was kinda hoping to have a world filled with characters you meet along the way that don't all look all the same :p It's not a big deal I guess... Anyhow, What i'm...
  4. Martinez

    (model animations) Adding a animation to the model

    Hello, I create a model of a worker for my project and he will wear different materials would like to add new animations for this purpose, on his which it will carry them So I have a question for you how to do it to change the model visible on the animation, on something else? How to add a...
  5. Infernalthing

    SKIN REQUEST - Inmate Wearing Orange Jumpsuit

    I searched for a skin/model for a modern inmate but couldn't find any. Specifically I need a skin for a villager wearing an orange jumpsuit. Can someone make this please?
  6. The Grey

    Need A SImple Model

    I'm working on a RPG style map with item attachment and i need a hero model It needs to be a high elf wearing only pants with the animations of a footman, Id prefer him to be blond cus its simple to spot hes an elf by that as well as elven ears ofc :D
  7. Princess Peach

    Princess Peach

  8. SNIper of DARKness

    Changing villager texture Help

    Hi there, I was making a new Middle Eastern/Saracen faction for my map when I realised there aren't that many Arabic units on the site. I tried to alleviate this problem by changing the textures of some of the models I have but I lack any knowledge on that. If somebody could help me by...
  9. MateuszForce

    3D model searching

    Hi to all 3D artist and hail to them I dowland so much models from Hive so my folder with imported models are bigger than warcraft III xD I have a problem i cant find any Peasant model with fork, i;m workng on mdevial map with my friend it's nothing big but i really whant model like peasant...
  10. Tom_Almighty1

    Add Floating Stand animation to this mode (Villager 40 animations)

    Hi guys I'm currently creating a multiplayer RPG map similar to MU Online which you can have WINGS so I was wondering if someone could add at least 1 stand floating and 1 walk floating animation to this model. Villager It is that villager 40 animations, the author is .KC but he was last seen...
  11. Shooterman56

    Fat Villager / Town Drunk

    I've noticed a distinct lack of plus size peasants. I've attached a mug to a standard villager 2 model for one of my maps, but I can't shake the feeling that there is a lot more potential there.
  12. Master_Pels

    Beggar Villager or a Nude Villager

    I would like to request a Beggar or Nude Villager for my map, because these models can be worn by any cloth model which is perfect for my RPG map.
  13. Diegoit

    Model recolor

    I DONT HAVE THE PERMISSION YET BUT I THINK THE OWNER IS GONE PDS ON THE MODEL PAGE IT IS NOT ADVISED THAT PERMISSION IS REQUIRED TO EDIT IT Model page Villager v2 So what i want is a model recolor What i want: -Black colored chest cloth, gloves n belt. -White top hair n silver side hair...
  14. Homor

    Villager with Rifle?

    Hi! I have a fairly simple request that may still require a bit of work. I'd like someone to take the ordinary Villager Man model and animate him with a rifle as his weapon. It'd be a nice model to use for modern-day maps with gangs and soldiers and stuff. Plus, it'd go great with beautiful...