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  1. xorkatoss

    Did you know that you can view blp textures in file explorer?

    Hi everybody, first of all I wasn't sure where to post this so off-topic it is xD I was annoyed that all my blp files looked like this: and after a quick search I found a way to make them show previews in file explorer so I wanted to share: Obviously this is old and it's meant for WoW but...
  2. loktar

    Ingame Importless Model Viewer (map)

    Edit: A new version with more features can be found here. I modified Gekigengar's Epic Animation Viewer so it can load models without importing them to the map, or even opening the World Editor at all, by loading them as Effects. I also removed the "grid" and replaced it with a simple black...
  3. Levi Ackerman

    How to make a 2D preview for a model

    Hi,As you know there is a preview for every model when you click on it.Its in down-left of the game. It will show you the model from a specified look. I saw in many maps... 3D preview is replaced with a 2D picture of that model.I want to know how to make that for a model. Here is a example: