1. HD Terrain Contest #2 - Vindorei Entry.png

    HD Terrain Contest #2 - Vindorei Entry.png

    Lord Vladarius: Ah, a fashionable late my old friend? Sir Rowan: Isabella! No!
  2. DatnessX

    Vampirism Ruins Beta

    Hello, here is a beta release od new Vampirism map. I am out of ideas so any suggestions are good. Post opinion or idea and i am gonna add it to the map. Credits will be offcourse given for helping with the map. I am curious for any response!
  3. Wallpaper2.png

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  4. Wallpaper1.png

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  5. Windmill.png

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  6. TheWoodmill.png

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  7. Thewatermill.png

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  8. Thewaterfall.png

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  9. TheTower.png

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  10. TheSwamp.png

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  11. Theshrine.png

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  12. Theshipwreck.png

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  13. TheSanctuary.png

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  14. TheRiverside.png

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  15. ThePit.png

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  16. TheLighthouse.png

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  17. TheHut.png

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  18. TheFountain.png

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  19. TheFort.png

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  20. TheFarm.png

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  21. TheFairyCircle.png

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  24. TheCavern.png

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  25. TheCamp.png

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  26. Theboneyard.png

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  27. TheAltar.png

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  28. The Well.png

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  29. TehTavern.png

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  33. Roadmap_v1.png

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  34. Stormvarsel29

    [Role Playing Game] Laid to Rest

    An RPG for Warcraft 3 Reforged by Storm This is a single-player scenario map for Warcraft 3 Reforged. It is set in an alternate universe where vampires, werewolves and other evil gothic creatures subsist. You play as an inquisitor, Jack Morrison, where you will have to both fight, talk and...
  35. Devious Dread Lord/Varimathras(Back)

    Devious Dread Lord/Varimathras(Back)

    Back view, "stitches" removed Redesign of the original Dreadlord based on Warcraft Reforged and concept-art. Within the style of the classics.
  36. Devious Dread Lord/Varimathras

    Devious Dread Lord/Varimathras

    Redesign of the original Dreadlord based on Warcraft Reforged and concept-art. Within the style of the classics.
  37. Darkshadow95

    You decide what I create

    Hey guys, I want to make a new map the next year additionally to my other maps Im working on (see my profile). I have several ideas and Im not sure which one to choose, so I let you guys decide what you want most. -Zombie protection map where the gameplay is similar to "protect the house" but...
  38. ivanbakavan

    [Defense / Survival] Dream TAG

    What's Dream TAG? It's a TAG (touch and go) map Tick, chasey or touch and go — is a playground game involving two or more players' chasing other players in an attempt to "tag" and mark them out of play. Dream TAG — is a rethinking of projects such as Vampirism Fire, Troll and Elves or Cat and...
  39. DarkRanger2

    [Campaign] The Cry of the Banshee.

    Dark Ranger Alice Darkview Presents The cry of the Banshee •Ice Queen• Command the army of mindless creatures and use Frostmourne to create more undead and resurrect the miserable creatures that may have the honnor of being killed by Frostmourne itself! Once again, the specter of...
  40. mohamy

    vampire touch

    Here I have a request for spell Vampire touch Unit / Ground target The hero will become enrage and run throw path deal pure damage to enemy unit and heal amount of their maximum health. Need to be walkabe and throw units Not invulnerable in run Bloody effect on enemy Need help. Note : need it...
  41. Grauser

    [Miscellanous / Other] Vampire Hunter's

    Vampire Hunter's Creator: Grauser (Original nickname: Serwerty) In short - nice looking map with an interesting gameplay. A story about the elder vampire lord that calls his servants to conquer more lands for the future use in his army and about the Holy order that trying to stop them from...