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ui change

  1. jsmoove

    I'm Desperate. I need Custom UI's

    So I have posted about this before but I want to try one more time. I got some great advice from some of the users. But I struggled with actually implementing it. I worked on the things I knew how to do but now I'm back to the UI Problem. I need to implement custom Ui's (I have the artwork and...
  2. J2Krauser

    Altering a specific unit's overhead status bar

    Hi. By overhead status bar, I mean the health/mana bar above a unit. I'm well aware that I could just get rid of the bars, and make my own, then make them look as janky as I wanted. What I'm interested in is if there's a way to fiddle with the stock ones. I've been trying to cook up a solution...
  3. jsmoove

    I'm a newb and can't follow the Instructions. HELP!

    So I have been trying to implement custom ui for additional races without overwriting the original 4 races in my maps. (we have a total of 12 playable races) The latest map is linked (we are working on a custom map but the system is in this blizz map for now). I was given what seems to be great...
  4. Tasyen

    UI: Save&Load Frames

    Introduction Currently none of the versions of warcraft 3 that have access to the UI-Frame natives do probably Save&Load the usage of Frames/TOC (this was written when 1.32.8 /1.32.9 PTR were the current Versions). This broken Save&Load stops Frames from being recreaterd/modified when the Game...
  5. OverClocked

    Custom UI Icon Desync

    So i have this function and this trigger: and the idea is when the spell is cast to give the hero 1500 hp and show the player an icon at the bottom left with the description showing when you hover over it. And it works. But when i tested with players we all desynced. Does anyone know...
  6. Swatosj

    [Crash] Custom UI & desync issues

    Hivers, time has come for the community to understand how to synchronize data to get each player his own customized UI :ogre_rage: I'm doing a unit selection panel (check picture provided) and I'd like it to work separetely for each player. It's running fine in solo but I will get automatic...
  7. xorkatoss

    [JASS] 3D Model on UI

    ok guys so I saw this thread and I tried to make a 3D model on UI with no luck... Does anybody know how to do it without the whole screen turning black? Also why does this method require special 2d models? o_O If anybody knows please provide a working example, thank you.
  8. The_Silent

    Altering Existing UI

    Can you alter UI already in the game? My case is that I want to add an icon and a number to the 'hover-over' tooltip of certain units. Specifically, I want a 'Population' counter, plus icon, under the name when hovering over cities. And similarly, a 'Resource' icon and how much resource a...
  9. OnyxTheDark

    [Request] Reskin + Custom UI Update

    Hey Dunno if it's the right place, I think it is tho I'm looking for someone that would help get more ressources for my egyptian-ish map First I need someone to complete the Awesome UI made by this guy As you know Blizzard screwed it by adding borders, so any custom UI is currently incomplete...
  10. Duvo

    "Added Custom User Interface functions to allow map makers to add, remove, and adjust UI frames"

    This line from the ptr patch notes particularly took my attention. we've been given the following natives to play with in JASS, but how do we even use them?; constant originframetype ORIGIN_FRAME_GAME_UI = ConvertOriginFrameType(0) constant originframetype...
  11. Abyssion

    [General] UI - Mana Text Color

    Hello all, I was wondering if there was a way to change the text color of a unit's mana on the UI. I want to change it from white to blue (because mana is blue). I checked the Gameplay Interface Menu but I didn't see the option there. is it possible? Thanks.
  12. Abyssion

    [General] Unit Build Time Indicator

    Hello everyone, I am a new member on The Hive workshop and am currently working on a custom map. In said map, I want the unit's build time to display next to the resources with the clock icon just like in Starcraft II, is this possible in Warcraft III? Is there any way to manipulate the UI in...
  13. thorlar

    [Solved] How to disable the Menu(F11)

    So, I would like to make every player (Multiplayer map) unable to "click"/access F11(in worst case, disable it). In other words, to make F11 non-accessible by anyone :wink: I am open to any solution, as long the map is playable multiplayer ofc :cute:
  14. Mister_Haudrauf

    Changing Ui without changing standart ones

    Hey Guys, as you can see i have a problem: I want to know if it's possible to change the Ui via JASS/vJASS without changing the standart Ui's. I remember a spell of some sort where you can change the Ui ingame. I don't know if it's JASS or vJASS.