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  1. Voljin_stand


    The shape is basically completed and the action is being made.
  2. TrollHero


  3. Voljin


  4. Voljin


  5. Voljin_head


  6. Voljin_head


  7. 5.4Voljin.jpg


  8. Art of War - Dark Horde Army

    Art of War - Dark Horde Army

  9. Art of War - Dark Horde Techtree

    Art of War - Dark Horde Techtree

  10. TheJassy

    [HD/Modeling] Amani Doodads

    Hello and good day, I'm looking for Reforged Amani / Troll doodads. Are there any since I can't seem to find them. :cry:
  11. KakorinVonSteam

    [Solved] Generic Chaos Troll Skin

    Hey guys! KvS here, I was searching for a generic chaos/fel troll skin for my campaign, but I can't find any on the Skins section. I looked in The Great Troll Pack bundle from shiik as it contains many chaos troll skins, but I can't download the generic skins which were what I was looking for...
  12. old_gil

    [HD/Modeling] Fel Trolls and Fel Ogres

    I always thought it was kind of dumb how in outland all the orcs are transformed into giant spikey demon orcs, but there are no sign of any Fel Forest Trolls or any Fel Ogres. Let's be honest, I think everybody would like to see some demon trolls running around. I've tried to do it myself but...
  13. StonemaulMidget

    Trolls with Burning Weapons

    Happy 2022, Hive Workshop!! I hope this new year is off to a good start for everyone! After all, a new year means a new beginning. Anyway, I digress. I have plans to implement Particle Emitter 2 special effects on Troll Axethrowers, Shadow Priests, Headhunters and Berserkers. I know I must have...
  14. QQ截图20211029102339.jpg


  15. QQ截图20211029102327.jpg


  16. QQ截图20211029102315.jpg


  17. Jungle Reforged

    Jungle Reforged

    Jungle Reforged - Posted in Terrain & Level Design forum
  18. Dark Troll High Priest

    Dark Troll High Priest

  19. Dark Troll High Priest Alternate

    Dark Troll High Priest Alternate

  20. Dark Troll

    Dark Troll

  21. Troll Hexer Alternate

    Troll Hexer Alternate

  22. Troll Hexer Alternate Masked

    Troll Hexer Alternate Masked

  23. Troll Hexer

    Troll Hexer

  24. Troll Hexer Masked

    Troll Hexer Masked

  25. Troll Gatherer Alternate

    Troll Gatherer Alternate

  26. Troll Headhunter Alternate

    Troll Headhunter Alternate

  27. Troll Warrior Alternate (Headhunter Skin)

    Troll Warrior Alternate (Headhunter Skin)

  28. Forest Troll Shadow Priest

    Forest Troll Shadow Priest

  29. Forest Troll Shadow Priest Alternate

    Forest Troll Shadow Priest Alternate

  30. Forest Troll

    Forest Troll

  31. Forest Troll Alternate

    Forest Troll Alternate

  32. Troll Warrior

    Troll Warrior

  33. Troll Warrior Alternate

    Troll Warrior Alternate

  34. Troll Watcher

    Troll Watcher

  35. Troll Watcher Alternate

    Troll Watcher Alternate

  36. Troll Gatherer (Red)

    Troll Gatherer (Red)

  37. Troll Gatherer (Black)

    Troll Gatherer (Black)

  38. Troll Gatherer (Purple)

    Troll Gatherer (Purple)

  39. Hero Troll Watcher

    Hero Troll Watcher

  40. Hero Troll Watcher Alternate

    Hero Troll Watcher Alternate

  41. Troll Voodoo Golem

    Troll Voodoo Golem

    Aka troll archon
  42. Troll Master Witch Doctor

    Troll Master Witch Doctor

  43. Troll Elite Berserker (Alternate 2)

    Troll Elite Berserker (Alternate 2)

  44. Troll Elite Berserker (Alternate 1)

    Troll Elite Berserker (Alternate 1)

  45. Troll Elite Berserker

    Troll Elite Berserker

  46. Troll Elite Headhunter

    Troll Elite Headhunter

  47. Trolls


    Troll Race for "Age of Warcraft" Project
  48. deepstrasz

    (~SOLVED) Troll on spider model fuse/merge request

    Hey, if anyone could help me do this I'm a real noob at synchronizing animations. I need this for Kyrbi0's altered melee map: (6)Jungle Troll Fever - Jungle Trolls v0.2 (Classic) The idea is for the troll to stay on top of the spider. The spider doesn't attack only moves. The troll does the...
  49. frostwhisper

    [Campaign] Troll Campaign

    "It is a time of peace on the world of Azeroth. The Zandalari, chief among the troll tribes have established a thriving civilization along the slopes of the Zandalar Mountains - the ancestral homeland of all trolls. After splitting off from their progenitors a few generations ago, other tribes...
  50. Cheshire

    is this model bugged?

    hey, I tried importing this model (troll shaman) to my map, but no matter how many times I restart the WE, can't get it to appear (it even crashed the WE once). I also can't change it's file paths in the import editor for some reason. is there a problem with the model? does anyone know what...