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    Trolls with Burning Weapons

    Happy 2022, Hive Workshop!! I hope this new year is off to a good start for everyone! After all, a new year means a new beginning. Anyway, I digress. I have plans to implement Particle Emitter 2 special effects on Troll Axethrowers, Shadow Priests, Headhunters and Berserkers. I know I must have...
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  5. Jungle Reforged

    Jungle Reforged

    Jungle Reforged - Posted in Terrain & Level Design forum
  6. Dark Troll High Priest

    Dark Troll High Priest

  7. Dark Troll High Priest Alternate

    Dark Troll High Priest Alternate

  8. Dark Troll

    Dark Troll

  9. Troll Hexer Alternate

    Troll Hexer Alternate

  10. Troll Hexer Alternate Masked

    Troll Hexer Alternate Masked

  11. Troll Hexer

    Troll Hexer

  12. Troll Hexer Masked

    Troll Hexer Masked

  13. Troll Gatherer Alternate

    Troll Gatherer Alternate

  14. Troll Headhunter Alternate

    Troll Headhunter Alternate

  15. Troll Warrior Alternate (Headhunter Skin)

    Troll Warrior Alternate (Headhunter Skin)

  16. Forest Troll Shadow Priest

    Forest Troll Shadow Priest

  17. Forest Troll Shadow Priest Alternate

    Forest Troll Shadow Priest Alternate

  18. Forest Troll

    Forest Troll

  19. Forest Troll Alternate

    Forest Troll Alternate

  20. Troll Warrior

    Troll Warrior

  21. Troll Warrior Alternate

    Troll Warrior Alternate

  22. Troll Watcher

    Troll Watcher

  23. Troll Watcher Alternate

    Troll Watcher Alternate

  24. Troll Gatherer (Red)

    Troll Gatherer (Red)

  25. Troll Gatherer (Black)

    Troll Gatherer (Black)

  26. Troll Gatherer (Purple)

    Troll Gatherer (Purple)

  27. Hero Troll Watcher

    Hero Troll Watcher

  28. Hero Troll Watcher Alternate

    Hero Troll Watcher Alternate

  29. Troll Voodoo Golem

    Troll Voodoo Golem

    Aka troll archon
  30. Troll Master Witch Doctor

    Troll Master Witch Doctor

  31. Troll Elite Berserker (Alternate 2)

    Troll Elite Berserker (Alternate 2)

  32. Troll Elite Berserker (Alternate 1)

    Troll Elite Berserker (Alternate 1)

  33. Troll Elite Berserker

    Troll Elite Berserker

  34. Troll Elite Headhunter

    Troll Elite Headhunter

  35. Trolls


    Troll Race for "Age of Warcraft" Project
  36. deepstrasz

    (~SOLVED) Troll on spider model fuse/merge request

    Hey, if anyone could help me do this I'm a real noob at synchronizing animations. I need this for Kyrbi0's altered melee map: (6)Jungle Troll Fever - Jungle Trolls v0.2 (Classic) The idea is for the troll to stay on top of the spider. The spider doesn't attack only moves. The troll does the...
  37. frostwhisper

    [Campaign] Troll Campaign

    "It is a time of peace on the world of Azeroth. The Zandalari, chief among the troll tribes have established a thriving civilization along the slopes of the Zandalar Mountains - the ancestral homeland of all trolls. After splitting off from their progenitors a few generations ago, other tribes...
  38. Cheshire

    is this model bugged?

    hey, I tried importing this model (troll shaman) to my map, but no matter how many times I restart the WE, can't get it to appear (it even crashed the WE once). I also can't change it's file paths in the import editor for some reason. is there a problem with the model? does anyone know what...
  39. frostwhisper

    Jungle level design|Classic|Interactive buildings

    This is a small preview of the starting area of an as of yet untitled single player project. Needless to say, this is an early alpha, and everything is subject to change.
  40. BrothForMyPeople

    Unstable Concoction not resulting in death. Possible?

    Is it possible to edit this ability in the way it doesn't end up with your unit's death? I mean, it just approaches the enemy, deals bonus damage and that's all.
  41. stein123

    Harraxe / Forest Troll Chieftain model edit (SOLVED)

    Hi people, i wanna ask if anyone can help me with this request, i have this model, from the GTW mod, and it lacks a proper portrait, hero glow, and the right shoulderpad (wich dissapears in the model editor and WE), thanks in advance if you can help me!
  42. bobadoo2

    Who is a fan of 2 Player Co-op? (heres my custom maps)

    While everyone is playing Fortnite my brother and I are still Warcraft III'n instead:D Who is a fan of 2 player co-op? Who still plays with their best friend or with family members? I have found I rather play co-op with headsets vs the computer, cause the computer never leaves the game on us...
  43. Jaccouille

    Edited a texture, it mess up ingame (Solved)

    Ingame : Magos : I edited the Troll HeadHunter texture, this what it look like ingame, works fine when I preview it with magos, would like to know why. Thank you.
  44. Jaccouille

    Need help with a model

    Hey guys, I am working on a model, I got a small issue which I don't understand, basically I imported the goblin laboratory to use the big scope thing, the glass part of the scope change texture during animation, I kinda want it to use it's base texture so it look like more like glass. Here's...
  45. Troll Raptor

    Troll Raptor

  46. 04. Darkspear Tribe - 1

    04. Darkspear Tribe - 1

  47. 04. Darkspear Tribe - 2

    04. Darkspear Tribe - 2

  48. 04. Darkspear Tribe - 3

    04. Darkspear Tribe - 3

  49. 04. Darkspear Tribe - 4

    04. Darkspear Tribe - 4

  50. 04. Darkspear Tribe - 5

    04. Darkspear Tribe - 5