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  1. gamlehav

    Transfer Vault from v1.2c(18) to v1.2d(2)

    Hi I can transfer my load code by using the -comp command instead of -load but nothing happens when I change -vault with -comp Seems to me that you can not transfer old soul vault to new maps
  2. ElevatorEleven

    Is it possible to transfer custom sound sets between maps?

    Been working on and off as a hobby on a set of maps all using the same set of characters for the past few years. Recently made a bunch of custom sound sets for many of them. Previously I'd had to replace each internal sound file one by one for every unit in every map, so I was very excited last...
  3. Peach Schnapps

    Add animations to tree request (please!)

    I tried myself and I somehow just ended up changing the model to the other tree as well? o.O This tree is breathtaking and I think everyone on Hive could benefit from this as well! Not sure if you need and MDL or MDX so here's both lol!
  4. UmbraUnda

    Walkable Wall vJASS Trigger Transfer

    Hello, I'm trying to transfer the vJASS triggers for rotatable structures and walkable walls from @MassiveMaster 's Castle Defense map to my medieval map however I'm having no luck due to my lack of vJASS knowledge and general coding/triggering inexperience. I need advice on what exactly I...
  5. Thiiago

    Matrix Eater now? i am so confused x.x

    - Basically i always used the: Oinkerwinkles Animation Transferer for transfers my animations. Ex: I want an "Watcher" with Attack animation of Archer too, i tranfers the animation of attack of archer to watcher.. etc. BUT, the OAT (Oinkerwinkles Animation Transferer), dont open more in my...