total conversion

  1. S

    Total Conversion

    I would want to know something for certification in the future. (Cause I know I won't hold myself away) If I'm about to make a total conversion game outside Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne (Or how it worked) then what do I have to know whats possible and how to do it? Like can I add or...
  2. Rommel

    Heart of Storms: Resurrection

    You read that right. Heart of Storms (HoS, not to be confused with Heroes of the Storm or Heart of the Swarm) is back after 9 years spent in limbo. For those who never heard of it, the old site still works (though it barely has any info): Heart of Storms MOD As does the forum (thought it's...
  3. Spellbound

    Patreon Wc3 Project, can it work?

    Okay, so this is something I've been pondering for a little over a year now. I've devoted lot of time to Warcraft 3 modding, and since the advent and subsequent success of Patreon/Kicktarter/IndieGogo as crowdfunding platforms, I've been asking myself if it were at all possible to apply those...