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  1. InsaneMonster

    Warcraft 2 Soundtracks Remastered

    I want to share a remastered soundtrack from Warcraft 2. Since MIDI was not available, it was arranged by ears (actually, by my father :p)
  2. BrazilEmperor

    Ideas for my race thematic

    i'm making a map that each race is based on some culture. EX: Dwarfs equals to Vikings Humans equals to Holy Roman Empire,etc. for my Elf race, what theme is better? Celtic/British/Highland culture or Chinese/Asian/Oriental culture?
  3. Spellbound

    Techtree Contest #12 - Theme Poll

    Vote for the theme of Techtree Contest #12. We also need to vote on whether the contest should be a team-based or single-person participation. Please note the poll was split in 2 segments, the top part being the theme and the bottom part being the manner of the participation. Take the time to...
  4. Moy

    Emoticon Contest #3 - Theme Discussion

    It's been 6 years since we last have an emoticon contest here on hive. And as Hive 2 came, with a new UI, I think we are ready for another new set of emotes to be added to the site's collection. Gather some ideas and suggestions folks! Previouse Contest Themes: Emoticon Challenge #1 Emoticon...
  5. Shar Dundred

    StarCraft II Terraining Contest #1 Theme Poll

    StarCraft II Terraining Contest #1 I've picked the suggestions from the suggestion thread. Now, time to vote!
  6. Heinvers

    Concept Art Contest #9: Theme Poll

    Welcome guys, Once again we're off to the theme selection poll. Robotic scenesCanvas depicting a machine society(kind of like Matrix etc) at its normal daily pace. AquaticBeings adequate to live underwater, various species made from your own imagination. GolemsConstructs made for various tasks...
  7. Heinvers

    Concept Art Contest #9: Theme Discussion

    This has been long overdue. Delays and other stuff that came along. Anyway, welcome to the 9th theme discussion thread. Come closer, think about themes that would be interesting for the next contest. Concept Competition of Doom Concept Art Contest #1: An Epic Battle Scene Concept Art Contest...