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the chosen ones

  1. Deimos231297

    Phodom's Icon Request

    Does someone know where to find the icon used for Phodom in Aeroblyctos' "The Chosen Ones" Campaign? I can't find it anywhere and I need it!
  2. Gooeypillows

    A Complete Guide For Late Game Items (and Where to Get Them) v1.0

    I decided to share what I am using as I couldn't find what I wanted easily. Please forgive me if I am missing something in chapter 1, as I decided to post this here after I did chapter 1 and was deleting things as I went. Feel free to mention it if it's missing. Huge shout out to Pourquoi for...
  3. Furry Nova

    [Guide] All Riddle Question Answers

    The Chosen Ones - All Riddle Question Answers ### Spoilers Beware ### At the end of every chapter. You're given three riddle questions to test your in-game knowledge. The first two questions rewards +5% Gold based from your current gold amount and the third rewards +1 Honor. After countless...
  4. Furry Nova


    Game Version: v1.0 1: Poor 2: Fair 3: Average 4: Good 5: Excellent 1) Gameplay - What do you think about the gameplay. For example, are the abilities, items and spell book spells fine? Is there too much killing? Is the campaign too repetitive? Some hero abilities start to become weak and...
  5. Aleph0

    Cant Play The Chosen Ones

    I have the latest version of Warcraft 3 (1.28). I cant see this map (and other ones, like warden), a w3n map. I put it at "campaigns" folder, at "maps", I tryed everithing, but i cant. WHere is the problem? I have to try single player or multiplayer? I need the correct version of WC3? Pls, help
  6. Furry Nova

    Newest "The Chosen Ones" Campaign Version Available?

    I've decided to play this awesome campaign again after getting stuck on the Obelisk boss on Chapter 9. I've looked around and read that there's newer versions available. This post Campaign Download Link links me to the main v1.0 when it says v1.9. This post The Chosen Ones 1.9i has expired...