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  1. Uncle

    Looking for help with a new project - Need Terrainer + Maybe more? (Reforged latest patch)

    Hello fellow Hivers, I've helped others with their projects over the last couple of years but I've never actually gotten around to creating a project of my own. I figure it's about time I actually released something and I think I may have a concept that is worth making. TL/DR: --- The...
  2. Cheshire

    Looking for terrainer

    hey there, I'm working on [Altered Melee] - Dragon Bait and need someone to redo the terrain. I did it initially and am starting to realize how bad it is, and that terraining is really not my cup of tea. whoever does this will be noted as co-author of the map, and will have tons of artistic...
  3. NigerianPriest

    Terrainer - Fallout: Across the Dam

    Hi, I'm in need of someone to help with a creating terrain for a fallout map that I have been building based past the hoover dam. More details about the map: Fallout: Across the Dam Any support is welcome thank you so much!
  4. Peach Schnapps

    In search of talented terrainer(or team) to help me with a large ORPG map.

    It's definitely not my strong suit terrain, I already have a map with a lot of the ground work set out, I'm just looking for someone who could improve and refine it. Obviously you'll get full credit and I'd really love help with this project, and possibly start getting a team together, etc...
  5. NigerianPriest

    Fallout: Across the Dam

    Hello, I have been wondering why there are no Fallout maps on WC3, so i have decided to make one. I have gotten most of the ideas down and right now I need help with the terrain (I want this map to be great). Here is my idea of what is to come. There is still alot more that I have but I don't...
  6. Fintrik

    Peons vs Titan project recruitment

    EDIT: no need right now Hello everyone! I am creating old new project called Peons vs Titans and i need: -Terrainer -Jass Programmer/pro at triggers
  7. xenobio

    Recruiting an Terrainer for AoS map

    hello there, I need an terrainer for my project, i've try to do it myself and the result is pretty good, but it's take 3 days to make only a base, and it make me demotivated to do it again. so then i need a terrainer who had a will to complete the whole terrain, not matter how long you completed...