tech tree

  1. Art of War - Forsaken Techtree

    Art of War - Forsaken Techtree

  2. Art of War - Dark Horde Techtree

    Art of War - Dark Horde Techtree

  3. Art of War - Blood Elf Techtree

    Art of War - Blood Elf Techtree

  4. Burnings frost souls clan6.png

    Burnings frost souls clan6.png

  5. Burnings frost souls clan5.png

    Burnings frost souls clan5.png

  6. Burnings frost souls clan4.png

    Burnings frost souls clan4.png

  7. Burnings frost souls clan3.png

    Burnings frost souls clan3.png

  8. Burnings frost souls clan1.png

    Burnings frost souls clan1.png

  9. SeTh_WC3

    Warcraft 3 creators cups

    Hello everyone ! I want to create a project related to custom race making and tech tree development. I would like to launch a very special serie of cups with a prizepool for Warcraft 3 competitive players in which competitors can pick a custom race ! The format of the cups will be 2on2 with a...
  10. Hazop

    Vehicular Overflow

    For my new map "Tiriath Civil War - Telgarde" I cant seem to find a away of how to make my tech tree proper... Currently there will be 4 different variations of units per faction (there are differences faction to faction), And as techs progress specific buildings tailored to those factions...
  11. jano1906

    [Spell] Tech Tree Dependencies. Help

    Im building spells that need the unit to get to level 20 to be usable, so i used tech tree dependencies and set them when the unit gets to that level, but the problem i have is some spells ignore this, and are usable from the begining. The base spells i used are Firebolt (Neutral Hostile) and...