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  1. Fauhyde

    Looking for Buddies for a zany storydrive RPG. IDKRPG

    Working on a very expansive RPG called the IDK RPG. Someone to help set up triggers for quests, and the evolution line, someone to more or less add their creative input into it. Starting off as a slime, one slime gets the lightbulb idea to go form a symbiotic relationship with other life! random...
  2. Lord_Marrowgrath

    [Aeon of Strife] WARCRAFT: Collapse

    By Lord Marrowgrath TOWERS When Void and Light collapse, Towers becomes unstable and out of control. It turns to Broken Keeper and deals damage to nearby units. Forces needs to capture or destroy Broken Keeper. If players destroy Broken Keeper, it will remove...
  3. SoulStealer

    War3 Map-Making Team Needed

    Hello all,I want to create a team that creates maps and campaigns for war3.If anyone is interested in Joining,Feel Free to contact me at [email protected] for further details. Thanks all.
  4. Venkolm

    [Altered Melee] Alliance vs Horde

    Allright, i am entirely new in here and this is even my first thread. Don't hope for miracles. This isn't my first map, but is gonna be the last! I've been editing, assisting and balancing some other.. three maps (i think), made one myself, for RoC tho, 'cuz an ex girlfriend of mine deleted the...
  5. Sxar

    Calia Menethil Campaing - Staff Recruite

    Hi everybody, since a few weeks ago I'm developing the main plot for Calia Menethil Campaing (writer) with help of Gottfried (editor). The main plot with the side quest is already done (just need small hot fix in the final quest). However, it's time to recruite a staff in order to develop such...