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  1. Ruvven

    [Trigger] TeamSize missing out a couple people

    Greetings once again to the lovely Hive Community! I have a trigger here that should seem to be straight forward but i currently cannot seem to fix this and my brain has started to hurt. All in all what its supposed to do is take the amount of players and divide them into wether it should be...
  2. Empeekay

    Sharing Tech/Research With Team (Solved)

    Hi everyone who is active here in the forum. First, I apologize for my bad english I've been back since Reforged and always found the right one in the forum when I needed help. Now I have a problem that I can't get solved. It's about a post that has already been answered, and it's about Sharing...
  3. Rykon-V73

    Help with creep team

    I'm making a TD map (hopefully), with 4 players and the creeps. The thing is I'm placing the creeps in the wrong team. How can I make them as the enemy?
  4. deepstrasz

    Brood War fan hiring a team for a custom campaign

    Custom Campaign: Hiring Basically, some fan says he would be paying people to help him work with SCMDraft and whatnot. See if it's worth your while.
  5. Peach Schnapps

    In search of talented terrainer(or team) to help me with a large ORPG map.

    It's definitely not my strong suit terrain, I already have a map with a lot of the ground work set out, I'm just looking for someone who could improve and refine it. Obviously you'll get full credit and I'd really love help with this project, and possibly start getting a team together, etc...
  6. yeyoxcore

    Skyfall Crown - Moba & CTP - Teasters & More

    Hi :thumbs_up: I'm looking users like you for help me finish Skyfall Crown (Now on Alpha - 3.5) The map on more that 70% made, so soon it will have the Open Beta. I would like to asking for your help if you are: Teaster (Closed Beta) Modeler (Helpme improve the visual art) Terrainer (let's...
  7. SoulStealer

    War3 Map-Making Team Needed

    Hello all,I want to create a team that creates maps and campaigns for war3.If anyone is interested in Joining,Feel Free to contact me at [email protected] for further details. Thanks all.
  8. xxdingo93xx

    [Strategy / Risk] Creep Wars Ultimate

    Hello ladies and gents, I'll ask you kindly to share your thoughts on this, maybe add your ideas if you have some and your honest opinion if you think it is worth remaking this map. Lately I became nostalgic again watching a video about the 12 year old custom map Creep Wars. If you can't...
  9. esdo

    [Defense / Survival] Opposing teams send waves to eachother

    Team survival map where creep waves are choosen by one team, to be sent to the other. So at the end of each wave/round, players will have the opportunity to buy gear, level talents, etc etc and choose the creeps that the opposing team will fight in the next round. The idea is that players will...