1. bruunk

    [Trigger] Workaround for "Order Unit to (Ability)" stopping unit

    I want a seamless ability that is toggled on and off, it is based on Immolation for the toggleability and Berserk for the buffs that it gives. I do not want to use item buffs because they don't give the damage amp that berserk offers, as it is necessary for this ability. Is there a way that the...
  2. Meatsausage

    Unit stops (auto)casting after upgrading

    Hi, however this does not happen all the time. I have a tower casting "heal" from priest as autoheal with the following trigger attached to it: World_Editor_0wpM1cOb7k by Meatsausage posted Mar 25, 2020 at 5:19 PM so everytime the tower has enough mana to cast the ability, it will be casted...
  3. McPhisto2051

    How to let a computer cast a spell until its finished?

    hello everyone :), I want a computer (player 21, I've tried neutral agressive before) to cast my customized death and deacay spell. This spell lasts 20 seconds. (I really want death and decay because of the % unit damage) I tried using a magician and now im using a lonely tower to cast the...
  4. SoooK

    [Solved] Killing a unit inside a UnitGroup loop messes up my trigger.

    I want to pick every unt in a group matching some conitions and then deal damage to them. This works fine as long as I don't kill any unit. If I do, then the UnitGroup loop still cycles through all units inside the UnitGroup, but: 1. every other unit after the dead one, doesn't recieve damage...
  5. CuriousJacque

    Identify If Building Stopped Attacking

    So I am currently working on my first map and as a newbie I am constantly being troubled especially on triggers. And there was this periodic event where a swarm of units are created and issued an order to attack a gate. Towers will be attacking the swarm and after the swarm has been all killed...
  6. Jamin8r

    How do you stop an in-game sound?

    Does anyone know how to stop a shade from saying "The damned return" when it's done training? I'm basically messing around with the Sacrifice ability via triggers and sounds. It's working fairly well (replacing the shade with the proper unit of the Sacrifice ability) but I want to make the...