spell request

  1. Khush352

    [Spell] Impale + Starfall Hybrid

    Heps! I'm looking for a spell, which contain following adjustments:- 1) It should work like a starfall, i.e. Caster should be channeling, and enemies coming in Area of Effect must be hit. 2) Instead of Stars falling onto Enemies, I want Impale Art, i.e Claws travelling in a straight...
  2. Hardtime

    [Spell Request] Protective Dash

    I need a non-target hero spell with 4 levels that when activated, dashes the Hero a short distance forward and provides a spell-shield effect after for 5 seconds. NOTE: the distance doesn't change with each level, only the mana cast and cooldown duration. Please do it in GUI, thanks! Pretty...
  3. Captain Bacon

    [Solved] Need help making an Immolate-like spell that scales off of Intelligence.

    Allright, so I basically want to create a spell that is ...toggleable? togglable? ..that you can turn on and off that deals the [intelligence of a hero/2] (plus something that scales with ability level) to all surrounding enemies every half second. Kind of like this: This trigger...
  4. SouLost

    [Spell] Please need help for spells requirements!

    Hi guys! 6 month ago I have start make a map, now i have to make the version number 8 and in this version i want add some ''special'' ability....my map is like as LTA (Lordaeron The Aftermath) and in that game i have see some spells that require to be near a point to be casted. Example: The...
  5. thegodfather9

    Time Warp Spell

    I'm not too great at making spells that are MUI yet so i really need help on this (this is also my first post on the site). Here are the details of what the spell would do (not sure if this is possible but heres hoping): Ability Effects The ability would be a be a no target click that picks...
  6. DatBoi

    Spell Request

    Hey, i would want to request a spell. Here are the details: Acid Spit Releases a liquid venom from his sting, damaging units in the area and slowing them. Damage: 10/sec. Area: 300. Targets: Point in the ground (with AoE circle). Test unit model MUST be Arachnid (The Scorpion) And the...