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  1. J2Krauser

    Weird special effect behaviour change overnight

    Hi. So, this is sort of a weird one because I technically solved the issue already, I'm just trying to wrap my head around what's going on. We have these effects that have "no animations" or rather they have one single animation they play once. Real example is Thunder Clap; it claps once, done...
  2. Rykon-V73

    Help regarding a special feature

    Even though my edited version of the Friends map will have 4 questing buttons mentioning the info of it, regarding features and the race, I was thinking I could add a cheat function there as well. I can make the really easy ones, but I'm thinking of something different, such as a cheat that...
  3. Frederik

    What happened to female v. in WC3 Editor

    Anyone know why the female version of death knight, demon hunter and special model files (Kul'Tiras Jaina) is not in the editor? :( First time using these forums btw, hoping it's the right place for this.
  4. Kyrbi0

    [General] What Is "Special"? (Silence, Drunken Haze, etc)

    I swear, guys, I even Searched first to make sure. No one seems to have any idea what this does; couldn't even really find any conversation about it. :< ~~~ There are three abilities in the World Editor, Silence, Drunken Haze & Cloud, which are mostly identical except for how they used (the...
  5. mohamy

    Reset Special Ability Cooldown

    i want something to ask how i do reset a specif ability cooldown? not all ability just a special ability