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  1. Med. MapGuy

    [Campaign] Mathias Chronicles II: Reckoning [Released]

    Hello! I'm currently working on the sequel to the Mathias Chronicles! Based on Savage Potato's Mathias Part II released way back in 2007, this is the next big single-player campaign by me, Med. MapGuy! This campaign concludes the rivalry between the steadfast Prince Mathias and the crafty...
  2. tytarjunior20

    Hero Quest (Working Title)

    I am developing a full-fledged single player experience inside Warcraft Reforged World Editor. I post quite regularly on my YouTube channel on development. Videos include updates, new features, work in progress, and how-to's on how things were made. Here is the latest update on my single...
  3. tytarjunior20

    [Role Playing Game] Hero Quest (Working Title) Announcement

    Hello everyone. I've posted once on here before for my tutorial videos. I've decided to blend my personal project with making tutorials. My goal: Involve a community to watch as we develop a game I've wanted to make for over a decade. I started recently and I upload regularly to my youtube...
  4. frostwhisper

    [Campaign] Troll Campaign

    "It is a time of peace on the world of Azeroth. The Zandalari, chief among the troll tribes have established a thriving civilization along the slopes of the Zandalar Mountains - the ancestral homeland of all trolls. After splitting off from their progenitors a few generations ago, other tribes...
  5. Yogi-Sothoth

    WC3 Re-Reforged

    This project is to provide the campaign blizzard didn't and probably wouldn't have provided in the first place. An edited flesh WC3 campaign experience that redesigns the levels and adds some new lore to line up with World of Warcraft. What is going into project for sure Every map of the WC3...
  6. Acutesharpness

    [Role Playing Game] DARK DESTINY Alpha

    DARK DESTINY is a multiplayer role playing game where two teams of 6 fight and survive in the wilderness to defeat the other team. Destroy the enemy fountain to win the game. Choose your DESTINY, you can pick either Thunder King, Faceless Fighter or Shadow Mage. More characters will be added...
  7. SomewhereAcrossNowhere05


    From my map: Somewhere Across Nowhere
  8. SomewhereAcrossNowhere04


    From my map: Somewhere Across Nowhere
  9. SomewhereAcrossNowhere03


    From my map: Somewhere Across Nowhere
  10. SomewhereAcrossNowhere02


    From my map: Somewhere Across Nowhere
  11. SomewhereAcrossNowhere01


    From my map: Somewhere Across Nowhere