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  1. Luashine

    Using game events as a clock source instead of timers?

    The essence of this thread, an abstract: April 2022 The game runs at 50 ticks per second when at 100% speed. Timers are correctly affected by set game speed. (TriggerSleepAction aka Wait is not) Timers are calculated as part of the game simulation loop and the game speed correctly affects any...
  2. berkoax

    3D Dinosaur Map (no name yet)

    Hello, i'm working on a 3D dinosaur map. Our main goal in the game is to survive and find a way to escape from the island we are on. There will be some ai groups on the map and we will have relationships and interactions within and outside the group Apart from this, players can also form...
  3. amexicantaco

    [Role Playing Game] Settlers of the South: Forging of Empires

    Welcome to Settlers of the South In a time when the Crown of the South looks to expand it's empire, it relies on you to do so. Seek out new lands, explore them, settle them and ultimately craft your own empire. Synopsis Settlers of the South is an real time, strategy based empire building...
  4. pyf

    A Bunch of Rocks

    Food for thought, from the pages of xkcd https://xkcd.com/505/
  5. Emm-A-

    [Role Playing Game] Emm-A-s Harvest Moon for Warcraft III

    Created by Emm-A- Hi Everybody, this is an RPG-like multiplayer adventure/farming game, based on the game series "Harvest Moon". There is an early version available now! Please test it and feel free to leave comments. The map is protected at the moment, until I have the time to provide the...