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  1. Knight of Arsford

    [General] Ability Icons Not Appearing

    I know this isn't the first time it's been discussed, but I feel like mine's a peculiar case. I did read through the forums and their problems aren't nearly the same as mine. I was making a custom equipment system for an RPG. I made dummy passives out of 0% Bash to represent "empty" slots for...
  2. slimshaby

    Multiboards not showing

    Hi guys! I've got a problem with my multiboards not showing. I made this trigger and i cannot see either of the 2 multiboards it creates unless i remove the "custom-script-if"-part. Any suggestions? Here is my trigger: [/code] garrisons multiboard Events Time - Elapsed game time...
  3. Wrda

    [LUA] Hiding only the bottom part of the UI

    So my idea for a map was to hide only the bottom part of the UI because it is just irrelevant for the gameplay. But this hides everything. BlzFrameSetAllPoints(BlzGetOriginFrame(ORIGIN_FRAME_WORLD_FRAME, 0), BlzGetOriginFrame(ORIGIN_FRAME_GAME_UI, 0))...
  4. Diegoit

    Show/Hide model parts in X anims

    Hello ppl, im here today to see if some1 could pls tell me how can i do this. Show/Hide model parts in X anims Example: Peasants gold bags, they r just showed if the Peasant is tagged as Gold Help pls
  5. SoooK

    [Solved] Show/Hide Multiboard works only once

    I want to show and hide multiboards multiple times. But once I hide one multiboard, I can't show it again. It looks like the function just stops working after first use. Text message and audio are working every time. I also tried without "GetLocalPlayer()" but it still won't work as intended...
  6. KmLocco1666

    [Trigger] Tree/Selectable in Game Function Via Trigger

    I'm working on a item based skill that allows the player to gather wood, but i want to be able to hide the the Art - SelectAble In Game Feature when the player isn't holding the Item(Axe) And I was wondering if you need to make it a custom script or vJass for this, or even a means to change...
  7. VicALV

    Show Magic Resistance, Critical, Lifesteal And Evasion value of hero

    Hi HIVE! I created this thread because i want show the hero actually magic resistance, Critical, Lifesteal And Evasion value. But i dont know how get that value in the game. Can you help me? I want show that value in a multiboard
  8. Łapin Viktus

    [Solved] View the hero of the top left allies

    I want to see the hero allied to the top left like it was mine. For example on Tkok :