sfx request

  1. Unholy0ne

    [Request] Line AoE Zone Indicator sfx

    Hey, I'm currently working on an RPG that heavily relies on World of Warcraft esque raid mechanics for boss fights. I've got circle aoe zone indicators, but am not able to find rectangles or lines to, say indicate a laser beam. I've tried ripping models like <Screenshot> or <Screenshot> from...
  2. apsyll

    Radial Menu (Special Effect)

    I look for someone who could make me a model of one piece of a radial menu for a 4, 6 and 8 piece menu. The look should be pretty simple like this ones: Thank you in advance.
  3. Goblintrain

    Pillar of Skulls Unit/Effect

    Hi! :) This is a very informal request. I mean... i am just asking a favor from some one who feels like doing it anyway. There is no epic project or prestige attached to it. A gimmick i have been using in my personal maps, is to clothe dummy units as doodad skull piles & stack them on top...
  4. Alethos

    Shade/Shadow Effect Model Request

    Hey all- I know I've dabbled myself somewhat in the request section and with modeling in general but I have a request that I haven't quite figured out because I don't know how to begin/I know I'll mess it up. I need a shade- shadow like model- should be a transparent black 'filter' screen...