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  1. Ricola3D

    Is there a databank W3 symbol emojis ?

    Hello, I see the forum message editors has tons of nice smileys (Contests, Pandas, Peasants, ...). However it contains very few emoji that are not a face expression. For example symbols. I'm thinking about symbols from the game (number of players, neutral buidling icon from minimap, ...), and...
  2. Nazgrel

    [General] Game Set Data

    Alright, so I am well aware that there's already an old thread that was solved several years ago but it still felt unclear to me, especially since it didn't take into account the up and coming reforged. So here it is: I'm currently making a map with which I intend to use every single unit in...
  3. gurgamel

    Help! Ability to make unit walk a set distance

    Yo, really noob on varibles and thats what i think i need right now. I need to make four abilities that make the unit walk a set distance to either up, down, left or right. It will be apart of a strategy mode, where the unit will walk on tiles and the part of it being an ability is so that it...
  4. DatnessX

    [Solved] Set custom variable

    Hi, please help, I am new in W3 Scripting. I wanna: set (variable of name(Content of Variable1)) = Variable2
  5. Avahor

    Enthashara´s Tales ORPG 2.0.1