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  1. Verdun

    ALIEN PLANET - Wayne Barlowe's EXPEDITION (Demo)

    Here it is, finally: Based on the book by Wayne Barlowe, in this open world type map you will be part of the 2358 A.D. Expedition to the alien planet of Darwin IV, exploring the planet in your trusty Hovercone aircraft as you see fit, while observing- and gathering data on local lifeforms. The...
  2. Thiiago

    [SD/Texturing] [ texture ] Just an colone texture for Human Peasant texture model

    I'm working on a futuristic and space project, Sci-Fi... I just need an skin for Human Peasant unit, based in this image: Note¹: Dont need matter with head, with the "body" Note²: if it's a lot of work, you don't have to!! But if the "green" parts of the outfit could be TeamColor, that would...
  3. Simple 3D model from pixel sprite

    Simple 3D model from pixel sprite

    I wanted to try making a 3D model for a not-so-old mod that I posted on the steam workshop for a different game. It turned out better than expected so I guess I might try doing the rest of the set too. Source: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=2200663346
  4. deepstrasz

    deepstrasz's scribblings

    I've been listening to Jordan Bernt Peterson's Biblical Series recently and it inspired me to write some incoherent babble on consciousness, dualism and choice. I've also drawn some drops of inspiration from Albert Camus' The Myth of Sisyphus.
  5. 3dris

    Sci-fi models request

    Hello! I'm working on a project and I need some models for it. That project will be an Sci-fi game that use a lot of variables for making any player different that any other, but I only have the idea. Some models like the ones below will be very useful for my map. An human tinker with an work...
  6. FeruEnzeruJKun

    I think the SC and WH40k Fandom's starting to go good and better (DO NOT DELETE/REMOVE THIS THREAD)

    PLEASE READ THIS: When i was watching a battle video of 1.000 Zealots (aka. the Gods) vs 3.600 Zerglings (aka. the Aliens). Looks like i'm starting to like SC and WH40k sci-fi fandom better than XCOM fandom (Well, no more XCOM fandom's for me because it's starting to get terrible for me because...
  7. Ungoliath

    MODEL REQUEST: Glowing Neon Lights (colored)

    Hello! I haven't been able to find a particular model for my sci-fi map. The model, or models rather, I'm requesting are glows in all colors. Think of glows that emit from neon lights (cyberpunk style). The plan is to combine these colored glows with search lights, so they all need to cover a...
  8. MetalKing1417

    Sci Fi Spell breaker

    What I am requesting is a version of the Spell Breaker that can fit in with a Space Marine Army. This can be a retexture or a new model. There are a few additional stipulations I would like to add: 1: Replace the glaive weapon with a grenade attack 2. Make the Shield Metal, and not some plasma...
  9. Elenai

    -Elenai's Comic Gallery-

    -Elenai's Epic Productions- A more fitting place for my works to flourish.