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  1. W

    Users Given Map Review like Steam's

    off-topic: 6/4/2022 I'm a simple person, back to suggest simple things. Users Given Map Review like Steam's what about Hive users reviews (or personal reviews) for the map apart from comments to/on the map page, to be worked much like Steam's Review section so it would be spicy and interesting...
  2. Barorque

    The Case for Reforged Resources on Hive

    Greetings, on behalf of Reforged modders I work with or closely follow, I'm inviting resource creators, those who moderate their work and the Hive team overall, to discuss this topic here. I would employ all to leave mindless Reforged bashing or fanboying outside of this discussion. For I hope...
  3. Mathayis

    Good & Evil II Map review request

    Howdy there! I hope I'm posting this in the right spot... Basically, I'm just looking to get my RPG Map "Good & Evil II" Reviewed, it had a really rough launch due to the patch 1.31.1 breaking a lot of triggers, and causing many bugs... This is very important, my map Good an Evil 2 only works...
  4. BotLoot

    Spellcraft Remastered 6.07 - Looking for Final Build Testers, Quality Assurance, Player Opinions

    EDIT2: Topic is mostly obsolete now. (1.Nov.2018) Hi, looking for people that would play and write something about (what you like or don´t like), This (clicky) map. Its a very unique project and it should be finally completed. I want to hear about bugs (if there are any left) balance, opinions...
  5. Daffa

    Absolving Presumed Bias in Hive Map Reviews

    Greetings, Brief introduction: This contest has been opened to absolve presumed biased opinions on hive reviews accused of judging a map based on the author not their work. Expanded introduction: There have been some discussions within private talks with regards to moderation of the map...