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  1. PiesOfNorth

    [SD/Misc] StarCraft Asset Improvements

    I've been working on a Zerg Campaign for War3. It uses many assets from Project Revolution, some which I modified to add things like sounds, attachment points, or collision boxes. That's about the extent of what I feel confident doing with the assets though, as I'm not much of an artist...
  2. DarknessFalls003


    Just want to ask if someone can do me a simple reskin. In Icecrown terrain I need the Natural Cliff to have the texture of Remains Scorched. Along with the "Snow" Tile. So the result would be a wall of bodies and a floor of bodies.
  3. OnyxTheDark

    [Request] Reskin + Custom UI Update

    Hey Dunno if it's the right place, I think it is tho I'm looking for someone that would help get more ressources for my egyptian-ish map First I need someone to complete the Awesome UI made by this guy As you know Blizzard screwed it by adding borders, so any custom UI is currently incomplete...
  4. Lord_Marrowgrath

    Child of Light and Shadow

    Hello. Can someone make new illidan model like this? (not skin) +4 REP and CREDIT
  5. sarumanthecursed

    Model recolor

    Hey, Can anyone make a green reskin of this? please. Invasion vine
  6. Zenonoth

    Simple Reskin

    Hello, I need a reskin for this models' skin, instead of having his pants black, I want it to be team-colored, is that possible?