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  1. RayzerCalitri

    [Spell] Carrion Beetle ability using a unit with Reincarnation as the summon

    Hello HIVE folks, I'm working on a custom ability for a Necromancer unit (not Hero ability even tho it's based on one) which creates a single permanent undead unit until slain, the thing is it has a Reincarnation ability, and with it, I can create an unlimited amount of these Undead units from...
  2. RayzerCalitri

    [Spell] Chance to Revive (reincarnation) spell

    I'm trying to make an ability that triggers a non-assured revive to a hero when it dies, used with a percentage (integer). When I try to test it without the ability requirement it works, but when i try to add the ability condition it doesnt work. The ability that I want to add the chance to...
  3. deepstrasz

    StarCraft: Reincarnation (Brood War custom campaign)

    Hello! I want to share this through Hiveworkshop.com. Hopefully no one minds. Installation Just unpack and place the main folder (the one in the archive) over StarCraft's maps folder. Description It mainly focuses on a Confederate Ghost but all three races are involved. Don't want to spoil...