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  1. Sanglier Furieux

    Reforged naga race project

    Hi, as you read in the title I had the idea to create the naga race in HD. So far I have created a complete document listing new units, new buildings, new spells and adjustments to existing units. However I have no skills in creating models or icons. I would like to know if any of you would be...
  2. FanFictionGaming

    [Campaign] Warcraft 3 Reforged campaign with World of Warcraft Geography

    Hey, thanks for taking a look! This project intends to recreate and expand the reforged experience with recognizable geography and relationships to its World of Warcraft counterpart. Before I go making things more complicated, take a look at these screens of an unpolished Orc Exodus map, the...
  3. Dord96

    [HD/Modeling] mages for humans and elves reforged

    hello everyone if you can and willing to help i ask if anyone can mages both hero and units for the reaces the use magic such as humans high/blood elf and so on in reforged becuas the creep wizerds units look to evil ro renaged to by as still part of the kirin tor or any lewfull way and and...
  4. Santiago Astor

    Reforged Animated Portraits

    Hi! I made this test map following InsaneMonster's tutorial about Reforged's speaking portraits. In the map, I tried to make a custom model based on Grom Hellscream to move his mouth when speaking, but I just can't get it to work and I'm doing my best to follow every step properly T_T The test...
  5. CustomCreations

    [HD/Modeling] Denathrius model

    Hello, im New here and I need help with a reforged model for sire denathrius from the last wow expansion, hope u guys can help me out, I will let a picture here as well, thx in advance. Much love.
  6. Tobirama

    Warcraft III World Editor Texture Problem

    hello guys Anyone know what's going on? Some custom models downloaded from hiveworkshop are fine and work, but most of them do something like this, maybe someone knows if I am doing something wrong or maybe these custom models are corrupted?
  7. Warcraft 3 Reforged - Custom models (Part 2)

    Warcraft 3 Reforged - Custom models (Part 2)

    Hi all! My second video with my custom reforged models. I will be glad if you help to me with likes:)
  8. James7

    [Strategy / Risk] Game Of Thrones Conquest Reforged

    Game Of Thrones Conquest Reforged Reforged Graphics Required! Map is meant for Online FFA Diplomacy I have been tinkering with this map for awhile now and thought I should ask some public opinion. The terrain of the Seven Kingdoms done and am now working on lesser Houses as of now. Gameplay...
  9. Reforged version of the first image.. (v0.55) Name changed into Creepers.. (old pokemon dark)

    Reforged version of the first image.. (v0.55) Name changed into Creepers.. (old pokemon dark)

    After carefully thinking about which models I should Use and after them being corrupted two times (real pkm models from old wc3).. I tho I would give a shot for reforged models. In this game it looks a bit similar to what originated this project: Pokemon World custom game. Where it was like in this.
  10. Mikoroso

    How to texture frame with classic background and borders?

    Hello, guys, i need a help, i know how to create image frame and use custom texture. But, idk, how to create image frame like this I just want to use it for display information. Can someone help me with it?