1. Ricola3D

    Avoid memory leak - what dead units are to be removed ?

    Hello, I'm developing a Hero Defense map. Since it's the concept, many ennemy units & heroes die during the game. I want to be sure to avoid memory leakage when the game time passes, so can you please help me figuring out what units are automatically removed by the WarcraftIII engine, and...
  2. Cheshire

    [Solved] unwanted channeling animation from raise dead

    hey there, I created a hero spell based on raise dead. everything works smoothly, but for some reason the caster keeps playing it's "spell" animation in a loop until it is issued a new order. I thought maybe changing the spell to be based on the item version would help, but it still happened. I...
  3. HerrDave

    Raise Ground limit

    Since the new Wc3 update, I've been having a blast with the new editor and making sweeping changes to my maps. BUT I am faced with a new problem, a lot of the folders I could see before are gone, and this includes the means to edit the World Editor and make it possible to have sharply raised...
  4. Rektis

    [General] Raising cliff level and repositioning of entire map

    I started on cliff level 2 and this turns out to be way too low. I wish I had started on cliff level 4 or 5. Q1: Is there a way to raise the cliff level of the entire map, without removing anything like doodads or water? Solution: Use "Adjust Cliff Levels" in the Advanced tab. (Problem...
  5. Rykon-V73

    Magic Raise's side effect[solved it myself]

    I thought of a better trigger code for the spell. The problem is that the following text 'You don't have enough hit points for the spell.' must show up if the Spell Breaker's health (((Life of (Casting Unit))-160.00 => 1) isn't enough. I know I'm asking a dumb question.