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  1. skymaple0330

    [Role Playing Game] Raid Map "Black Coral Reefs" (Just a Demo)

    I'm not an English speaker, I tried my best to complete the translation, but it may not be perfect. This is a custom map I'm working on, and only a small part is done now, but I wanted to see what other people think about this type of map, so I've uploaded this demo. "Black Coral Reefs" is a...
  2. Wadjet

    VoD Previews

    Some screens and a gif from Vault of Darkness. A dungeon crawler mod I've been working on. Click on enlarge.
  3. Anton Wulff Jensen

    Help! Trying to make a trigger for a collapsing ceiling on each hero unit in a region

    So I am making this boss fight with a huge dragon. And basically it has a phase where it breathes fire 6 times in 6 angles around it. Once it is done with breathing fire, the ceiling will collapse at the point of where each hero stands after while. I tried to make a trigger for it here. It seems...
  4. Anton Wulff Jensen

    How do I make a "moving breath of fire", and how do I make doodads (like rocks) block its effect?

    I am trying to make a dragon boss-fight, and I want to make a breath of fire spell, that makes the dragon spew fire in a circular movement around it. And on top of that, I'd like to know how to make environment, such as a large rock or stone-pillar, capable of blocking the spell. So that if...
  5. popnrshin

    [Role Playing Game] World of Warcraft Lichking raid-Region Remix Development

    Hi I am now developing this map around few years. Sometimes I released new versions of this map, but it was Korean. My goal is translate Korean to English and discuss with you about this map. MAP SIZE : 256 x 256 MAP TYPE : Raid-RPG MAP PLAYERS : Single (Can be multi-play later...) APPROX...
  6. The_Spellweaver

    WoW dungeon/raid crawler template Lua/TS?

    So I wanted to make a wow based dungeon crawler in the latest editor, since it has such powerful tools and natives that make some great things possible. I am talking about UI natives mostly. What I decided to start though, is a series of maps of raids/dungeons from cataclysm, since I am mostly...
  7. zhica

    The Nighthold Beta demo v0.1b

    -THE NIGHTHOLD- [RAID] FeaturesHasPlayers10Dps Recount + Combat TimeYesAlmost unique heroes6Approximate Playtime15 min.DifficultiesNoStateBeta Demo The map will auto split the heroes smartly to all players playing. Smartly means it wont just split half the heroes to 2 players, it will split 1...
  8. popnrshin

    My project developing SINCE 2009

    Hi guys. This is first time to write. :) First of all, I am Korean, but I have no problem to communicate English. I show you my Warcraft 3 usemap project since 2009. Kindly click the youtube video/ Also you can visit my channel Project name is Wraith of Lich King(WOTLK) Raid (with concepts)...