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  1. SixxTailsHD

    Direct Strike Tournament? Anyone Interested

    Recently I been getting into Direct Strike. I been playing ALOT of it. I searched and haven't seen anything else going on Tourny wise for Direct Strike(except for Sc2 of course) Just putting out some feelers, would anyone be interested? I'd put up 50$ for the winners. Format would be something...
  2. ravellani

    [General] A few questions about Codeless Save Load

    I am planning to use the Codeless Save Load system in the future and I had a few questions. I have not really experimented with it yet. 1. I have seen the basic example map that the system comes with and I dont know how the save trigger chooses the players hero? Is that function somewhere in...
  3. MasterW

    Good Warcraft III Custom Campaigns to play before Classic WoW (and TBC)

    Hello there. This is my first post so please be gentle lol. So I planned on playing WoW Classic but before doing it I decided to play through the entirety of ROC and TFT to catch up to where it ended before the game originally came out. And I did just that, but now I'd like to know if there's...
  4. Mishu

    Beginner's questions about lordaeron summer, cliffs and trees.

    Hello, I'm in the process of learning terraining (for playable maps) and since i want to estabilish proper habbits I'm in need of some help. My goals for a project are: I want to aim for that peaceful, bright and vibrant look of vanilla lordaeron summer villages and forests. Questions: How do...
  5. Kotori

    First time here need help.

    Hi. Yesterday I was browsing youtube and i stumbled upon a video where a guy was playing a custom campaign in warcraft 3 (TFT). It was really well made and the site he had gotten the campaign from was here. What do i need to be able to play these campaigns? I have obviously played custom games...
  6. Furry Nova

    [Guide] All Riddle Question Answers

    The Chosen Ones - All Riddle Question Answers ### Spoilers Beware ### At the end of every chapter. You're given three riddle questions to test your in-game knowledge. The first two questions rewards +5% Gold based from your current gold amount and the third rewards +1 Honor. After countless...

    Are there any good custom campaigns which follow the Warcraft lore especially after frozen throne?!

    Hi i am a new member to this site though i have been downloading different custom campaigns and maps and models BEFORE JOINING and that compelled me to join as i just love this site but as i have a really old computer (and never liked paying) so i never played World Of Warcraft. So can anyone...
  8. SerennaSM

    Just Three Simple Questions

    Hello, guys These are just three simple doubts about the world editor. 1. I've read that in a guide here in the forums, but I cannot seem to find it again. I just need to remember how do I work on a unit's damage dice. I know it is in the Object Editor and I know which options I must use, I...