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  1. Lordliw

    Map crashing

    Hi, so this is not my map, I edited it, but the terrain is from Turnro's famous Rowan the Wise custom campaign. I have a problem that I cannot resolve. My game keeps crashing while playing and it happens at random intervals. I've checked out the gameplay to see what could the factors be for it...
  2. LordHatchet95

    Any chance of separating original from reforged?

    So, I got the game finally, and all I can say: I'm f***ed up The game already had some very few bugs, and it came out with even more bugs and glitches (I approximate over 300 times the bugs and glitches). The world editor now FORCES the ownership of everything done, no matter how many custom...
  3. Tom_Almighty1

    Animation Problems.

    Guys I created a model through Milkshape 3D and tried animating in in MDLVIS, everything seems fine. 1 stand animation from 100-3000 key frames. The problem is whenever I open the model in Magos Model Editor and World Editor it always twitches a few areas for some reason. I am new to animating...
  4. LovG

    [Solved] Test Map and W3 path bugged?

    Hello all, Today I wanted to try some stuff in World Editor but when I pressed test map button a window popped. Somehow it stop working. At first it said: "Can't find the C:\Program Files(x86)\Warcraft III\Warcraft III.exe". Open the Preferences tab and change it." I went to Archives >...
  5. Zerstörer

    2 player campaign connection problem

    A friend and I wanted to play the 2 player campaign so we both downloaded the newest version of Frozen Throne. We tried to connect over LAN and WIFI but it only works for about a minute and then on of us gets kicked out of the map0. The thing is that the connection works absolutely fine for...