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  1. Uncle

    [Solved] Playing specific animations for Special Effects

    Is there a way to choose a specific animation to play for special effects? Like play Attack - 1 or Attack - 2. I know you can do this using Animation Index for units. Edit: BlzPlaySpecialEffect(SpecialEffectName, ConvertAnimType(19)) This works for Special Effects.
  2. _Guhun_

    Automated Chat-based save/load (for RPs)

    This is a JASS/GUI Save/Load System. The plan is to have as much GUI as possible and include a guide to editing the JASS for GUI users. This is a system I was trying to come up with to allow saving and loading of bases in RP games such as Titan Land and RoTRP (basically, any sandbox in which...
  3. Putoboggz

    Let's Play Furry Warriors Arena... Anyone?

    Does anyone here knows how to play FWA? I want to play with some "Real People" cuz Im tired of playing with the AI... You know so that I can see how players play this map... ;):) Here's the map: Furry Warriors Arena v1.6w
  4. TD_PRO_2006

    Valley of Decay Rpg v1417k