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patch 1.31

  1. Queedy

    Can't play any custom game downloaded from Hive Workshop. (Game version is 1.31)

    I'm having trouble connecting to my friend and vice versa through LAN. It kicks us both out into LAN menu. Please help me :( Details worth mentioning: We both have exactly the same version - 1.31 We can play basic game together using LAN without a problem. We can play Blizzard-made customs...
  2. Mathayis

    [Solved] 1.31 Shuts down when selecting custom map :/

    Hey there, I've ran into some trouble after finally downloading the recent warcraft 3 patch, 1.31 My problem is, when I go into custom games, and select my custom map... it freezes, then shuts down warcraft 3... No error messages, just shuts the game down and i have no idea why :/ Has anyone...
  3. The3X

    Warcraft 3 AI cannot learn Hero spells (fix!)

    Hey all. Since one of the latest patches, the AI in Warcraft 3 cannot choose Hero spells for their heroes. In any melee or custom map, it fails the standard AI script and somehow they don't know how to learn a hero spell. However, if the spell is learnt, they can use it like in the old days...
  4. Yours Truly

    Lag spikes in newer patches (1.31 , 1.31.1)

    Ever since I upgraded my Warcraft III to version 1.31, maps I play are constantly lagging out. I thought maybe 1.31 is a bit buggy, so I updated the version again to 1.31.1. The lag is still there. I have tried multiple ways to repair this issue: - Repairing the game - Using the "-graphicssapi...
  5. Voljin

    Game cache not working in new editor?

    Hello Hive, I like to consider myself a fairly decent map editor in GUI, and I have worked with Game Caches extensively in the past, but for the life of me, I cannot get this one working and I'm starting to think its the new editor and not me. Hopefully, I'm wrong. Please look at my triggers...
  6. Voljin

    How to add textures to models in Patch 1.31

    Hello all, I have been having problems with Patch 1.31 for awhile now. Ultimately, its been more or less agreeing with my system, but I cannot figure out how to add textures to imported models anymore. I add the models, then the .blp files corresponding with it like I've always done, but...