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  1. WC3SC1 Arthas Quotes 3/3

    WC3SC1 Arthas Quotes 3/3

    If a whole SC1 game ever gets recreated, it's probably a good idea to have the Turalyon (Hyperion) ready. As for the custom skin, it started as a henry cavill image but didn't match the model very well so a re-arrangement was made.
  2. WC3SC1 Arthas Quotes 1/3

    WC3SC1 Arthas Quotes 1/3

    New Arthas voice quotes made with Elevenlabs. Now they sound a lot closer to the original and a ton less like the stoner he kinda sounded like with Uberduck. The three variations are meant to be used at different stages of the campaign. Hope you don't mind a few swear words.
  3. It Worked.

    It Worked.

    Once again, thank you Hive. This will be a fine Victory screen for the campaign.
  4. Rebel Yell - Wasteland

    Rebel Yell - Wasteland

    A more polished version of the map from before using the Warcraft 3 World Editor. And yes, Uther is meant to be Duke, as soon as I can find a good AI voice for him as well
  5. You're Perfect

    You're Perfect

    While the ogre sisters play a very small role in HoS plot, I could not resist.
  6. GarbageMan

    Warcraft 3 Parody

  7. A Void

    The Poppy Persona, Who is Poppy?

    I'm not sure if you have heard about Poppy or not, but she is a famous Youtube anomaly. Her videos often are very artificial with staged emotions and hidden meanings. One example of her videos: Turns out she is actually a character created for musical project That Poppy which parodies every...