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  1. FlameofChange

    Warcraft 3 SD+ resource pack

    Greetings fellow hivers. I don't know if this stuff already exist somewhere, but here we go. I wanted to share with you a kind of ressource pack for Warcraft 3 containing the following : ☼ Re-classic by @johnwar ☼ Fixed versions by @Ujimasa Hojo ☼ Some non-TC models replaced by TC edits made by...
  2. Murloc Building Pack Completed!!!

    Murloc Building Pack Completed!!!

    After taking like 2 weeks of making and experimenting, Murloc building pack have finally complete it's set! Go check it out at https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/murloc-buildings-completed.342340/. Leave a comment if you feel not satisfied and enjoy these pack. :)
  3. Dispatcher

    Model's Pack Problem

    Hey guys i have been trying to figure out this problem for like a week now but can anyone tell me how to use the draenei building models in UjimasaHojoDraenei pack for each building they come with a BTN,DISBTN and the MDX file but the buildings won't show up and i mean every building in the pack...
  4. Teitan

    I need a spellpack for a project!

    Hello, i am working on a mini-campaign starring Tryndamere, who is a character from the moba League of Legends, i already got an awesome custom model created by HerrDave (THANK YOU!!1): And now i need to make his abilities: EDIT: I've had unexpected success creating the spells myself, but i...
  5. BrazilEmperor

    Naga Buildings Links

    Hi folks! i'm working to make my melee map with custom races, and for now, i need some Naga Buildings, in this source website, i don't have founded too much models, Do you knows where i can found buildings packs of this race? others websites of warcraft iii resources,etc? Thanks for Help and...
  6. Mr.Goblin

    Free Photoshop Brush Packs

    -=FREE PHOTOSHOP BRUSH PACKS=- This is a list of free photoshop brush packs used and shared by profesionnal artists. I will be updating this list from time to time. Stay put! More are to come! ArtistLinkArtistLinkDan LuvisiMaciej KurciaraHouston SharpBastien Lecouffe DeharmeYunior GuerraAaron...