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  1. Peach Schnapps

    Does a 24 player(ORPG) on a 480 x 480 map have any chance of not lagging?

    Just curious if anyone has experience trying to run a large map with a group etc.
  2. victorsuazo1991


    Hi. I am currently modifying an RPG to adapt it from solitary to online. It happens that it inserts a musical subject in each different region of the map, to acclimate according to the scene of the RPG the music of the game. But when doing it in online mode, I must solve the problem that for...
  3. AndresMachado

    Warcraft 3 multi-player games hosting!

    Hey HIVE community, For everyone to know, my user on Battle.NET (oficial), is Ands737 and realm: US East. Add me there so we can play properly. Also, there's a party I've created for WC3 gaming purposes on EVOLVE for all the players that doesn't have a battle.net account. Add me on Evolve...
  4. SlenderZed

    [Check this one out]Multiplayer...

    Hello fellow Gaias Player, I feel like soloing is getting boring and boring and I wanna try some multiplayer action you know? Anyone plays on Kalimdor(Asia server) battlenet? I'm SlenderZed just add me if you want and PM me for a possible coop...
  5. Abelhawk

    Online games you can play once per day?

    I've been thinking a lot about Dragon Court, a clicking game I played in junior high years ago. I miss it. It was an RPG where you had a certain number of "quests," and when you run out, you had to rest and couldn't play until the next day. The game's been discontinued, but judging on how much...
  6. TriggerHappy

    [Role Playing Game] Warcraft 3 MMO - Persistent Gameplay

    Warcraft 3 MMORPG Alpha Version Download here How to Play Download and extract launcher.zip and run the executable. From there you may create an account and login while the launcher automatically downloads the necessary files. When you click "Play", Warcraft III should start loading a map...