not working

  1. Queedy

    Can't play any custom game downloaded from Hive Workshop. (Game version is 1.31)

    I'm having trouble connecting to my friend and vice versa through LAN. It kicks us both out into LAN menu. Please help me :( Details worth mentioning: We both have exactly the same version - 1.31 We can play basic game together using LAN without a problem. We can play Blizzard-made customs...
  2. Vidar

    Model not working

    Hey there! I'm having some trouble with a model, and could use some help with it, if you're willing. It's a ported model, the Human Ship. WoW Ship Model Rips The problem I'm having is that when I import it, change all the paths, and then close and re-open the map, it appears as a green checkered...
  3. Cheshire

    is this model bugged?

    hey, I tried importing this model (troll shaman) to my map, but no matter how many times I restart the WE, can't get it to appear (it even crashed the WE once). I also can't change it's file paths in the import editor for some reason. is there a problem with the model? does anyone know what...
  4. Cheshire

    [Solved] Broken Tooltip

    I made a spell based on animate dead (from the item), and everything is fine, but for some reason the extended tooltip is blank in-game. any Ideas why this this is happening? thanks!
  5. bruunk

    Is there a way to change the direction of special effects attatched to a unit?

    I've been trying to add custom triggers to a basic spell just to change up the look to it, however I'm not having any luck with one particular thing- the angle, or direction, of the spawned special effect. I'm trying to use the Special Effect - Change Pitch/Yaw/Roll functions but no matter...
  6. Recklessness

    Flame Nova ability not working properly

    Essentially, I am trying to create the following spell : Flame Nova: Cause a nova of fire to explode outwards from the targeted area dealing (1.5 x Intelligence) damage to all units caught within. Additionally, units caught within flame nova are set Ablaze and will explode after 3 seconds...
  7. CuriousJacque

    Imported Files not working

    I was working on my map for a long time and my imported models and icons seem to work until when I opened it a while ago. I tried re-opening worldeditor but my imports were not functioning. The icons were green and my imported model can not be found in-game. :sad: Does anyone know why this...