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not showing

  1. Knight of Arsford

    [General] Ability Icons Not Appearing

    I know this isn't the first time it's been discussed, but I feel like mine's a peculiar case. I did read through the forums and their problems aren't nearly the same as mine. I was making a custom equipment system for an RPG. I made dummy passives out of 0% Bash to represent "empty" slots for...
  2. Cheshire

    [Trigger] trouble with a timer

    hey there, this spell is supposed to display a timer (3 min) and when the timer runs out it kills all town hall type units. if the casting hero is killed first the timer is canceled. I'm having two issues with it : 1. the timer doesn't show, just the timer window (I'm probably making a very...
  3. Rhadamanthus

    [General] Ability Doesn't Show Up In Game

    Hello, This is a really, really basic question: So I was going to pick up the Editor after a long time and just goof around, so I copied a normal creep unit (Frost Wolf) and then copied Command Aura (Neutral Hostile) with the intent of adjusting both so they'd be powerful enough to devastate...
  4. Inseer

    [Resolved] Maps not showing/appearing

    Hello! I downloaded several maps recently from here (hive workshop) and some of them do not appear while in-game. Nor in "Single Player -> Custom" Map, nor in "LAN -> Create Map". Here is a small list of some of the maps that do not appear: - (6)CastleFight_ES1.30_sl.w3x - Founders Of The...
  5. facukpo

    Attack disabled without a reason

    This is my first post on this forum so please correct me if I did anything wrong. I've been working on this map for a very long time now and recently while I was testing it I noticed some of the units have lost the ability to attack. The attack doesn't show at all: <- Like this I checked and...