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  1. Artork312

    [SD/Modeling] Had anyone tried to make an Orc Necromancer before?

    So, I've been looking over Hive, and, a thing I found odd, was that there was no Orc Necromancers seen here! Weird, I thought, so here comes a request idea. Who thinks it'd be a fun idea to make this guy mere concept art no more? Just sayin'.
  2. tassavadar

    [Role Playing Game] The Necromancer

    About Version of Warcraft III: Reforged Status: work in progress The Necromancer is an RPG map with individual setting. The world of the game is dark, cold and lifeless. The sun is permanently hidden behind the veil of the dark magic. The Necromancers are the ones who cast the spell that hid...
  3. Arkain Underground Industries

    Arkain Underground Industries

    No one knows what drives the dwarves to their conclusions. Some say it's ale, others, the lack of light, some say greed... Whatever the causes, the results are always controversial.
  4. Homor

    [Miscellanous / Other] The Necromancer 2: Beta Build!

    Just (barely) in time for Halloween! Some of you may remember the test build I released a while back. Well now, I'm proud to announce that The Necromancer 2 is finally in a playable state and ready to be unleashed! A giant map with tons of different factions, enemies, boss battles and loot! Can...
  5. Homor

    [Miscellanous / Other] The Necromancer 2 Test Build

    Some of you might remember my map The Necromancer from way back. I've been working on a sequel for quite some time, and I'm really excited to share the pre-alpha with you. It's a simple test build that lets you and as many as three other players stomp around an arena filled with enemies. What I...