1. DexterFstone

    lightning attack and barrage

    Hi I have a tower and i add lightning attack and barrage ability but multishot not have lightning effect it is possible to fix that?
  2. AngelCraft

    An Attack with a shorter delay to deal damage

    A simple explanation of an attack, of a dummy unit. Most of the attack functions in the game are guided simply by the angle you need to launch an attack and the condition is that the attacking unit must be in front of the attacked unit. (Except for units whose movement speed is 0, "we won't...
  3. 22FrosT22

    [Spell] Multiple Shots Abbility With Barrage: Bug

    Hi, bros. I read the multishots (made with barrage) tutorial and got something very similar to what I wanted... It creates 3 passive shots: one in the target and two in other enemys arround. Fine. But the problem is the damage dealt. Regardless of the value I place on "Data - Damage per...
  4. Uncle

    [Solved] Creating a Multishot ability (adjusting arrow angles to match # of arrows fired)

    Hello, I'm terrible at math and wondering if anyone could help me with this trigger. I'm creating a Multishot ability that fires multiple projectiles towards a target point. I want the system to detect how many arrows are to be fired (a variable I want to be able to adjust freely) and then...