1. Brianfury

    Warcraft 3 Movie Campaign

    So i have this idea to make a Warcraft 3 campaign following the movie(and the official lore of all the events happening in the movie) but i was wondering who would be stoked to play this kind off campaign. let me know;) regards, Brian
  2. hypsandar

    Corrupted Sounds

    Hey there, for some unknown reason the voice acted tutorial scenario will not play at the beginning of the map startup. I checked everything there is, i don't see the issue and its rather irritating. Something like this should be obvious but its not, at least not to me. Here's a link to the...
  3. hypsandar

    Wizard & The Beast [Warcraft Scenario Movie]

    Heyy Hivers, me, my brother & my sister made our first legit Warcraft scenario together. What do you think? Have any feedback?
  4. tyci

    [Cinematic] Throne of Azora: The Beginning

    -Tyci Presents- Map Info: In the kingdom of Azora there lived Ethan Longdarion, a boy whose dream was to join the army and win wars. Shortly after signing up, his dreams are ratified by the true horrors of war. All is not dark however, as Ethan finds a few companions with whom...
  5. Abelhawk

    Warcraft movie campaign

    Has anyone thought of making a Warcraft 3 campaign/map version of the Warcraft movie? I thought ideas like the final battle, trying to save prisoners from being fueled in the portal (which would cause more grunts to spawn) while on another part of the map stopping Medivh from reciting the...
  6. pyf

    Raiders of the Lost Archives

    A shot-by-shot comparison of the opening sequence from "Raiders of the Lost Ark" vs. scenes from 30 different adventure films made between 1919-1973. Stoo's love letter to Indiana Jones and the films which served as inspiration.